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  • Essie Nail Polish is Coming to a Vending Machine Near You

    by Stephanie Saltzman

    Courtesy of EssieCourtesy of EssieKeeping your nails looking pretty while traveling is about to get a little easier. Starting this month, Essie is introducing the Essie Color Boutique, essentially a nail-polish vending machine, in select airports and malls across the country. So next time you're standing in line at airport security or Forever 21 with nothing to do but focus on how dull/chipped/faded your manicure is, there might finally be an actual solution to your woes.

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    The digital kiosks (above) stock 48 classic Essie shades, plus six shades from the seasonal collections, updated as they become available. The first two machines will be at the Oakland International Airport and New York's JFK Airport. All of this sounds plenty exciting to a nail-polish addict who feels the need to change my manicure on a weekly basis. With the Benefit, Sephora, and outlets in airports, it's almost possible to skip your toiletry bag

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  • How to Primp and Shampoo...Your Dog

    by Alexandra Owens

    Getty ImagesGetty Images As a dog momma and beauty-product hound (see what I did there?), I was psyched to see that one of my favorite boutique beauty brands, Malin + Goetz, is expanding its line to include our four-legged friends. Their new dog shampoo--inspired and approved by the founders' charming rescue pug Mr. Greenberg--is formulated with hydrating amino acids and a mild neroli extract for scent. It made me curious what exactly pet lovers should be looking for in their companions' bathing products, so I turned to Mark Macina, a noted doggy dermatologist at the Animal Medical Center in New York City, for some answers.

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    A lot of people worry about the delicate line between keeping their pets clean after a romp at the park and over-shampooing their skin. How frequently should we bathe our dogs? "Weekly to every other week is optimal for most dogs. If they're allergic to products or have a dry coat, you can still bathe them weekly, but you need to

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  • Now Trending: Granny Style

    by Stephanie Saltzman

    Getty ImagesGetty Images The best kind of satire is so spot-on, it takes you a few minutes to realize it's not serious. One favorite recent example is this New Yorker piece about "Grandma style" and the senior-citizen backlash that's sweeping the nation. We giggled, we shared, and we have to admit, we recognized ourselves in there. Here are the hallmarks of granny style that you might well find at Allure HQ.

    * Washing your hair on a weekly--not daily--basis.
    Even if it's only for a blowout, not a "setting" with hot rollers, forgoing frequent at-home shampoos in favor of a weekly trip to the salon is a habit we've borrowed from Nana's generation.

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    * Visors.
    Yep, they're back.

    * Powdery rose fragrances.
    We gave Clé de Peau Beauté's Rose Synactif fragrance a Best of Beauty Award last year, and one of our favorite scents of the summer is Dior Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet.

    * Blue hair.
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  • Kate Bosworth's Fashion and Beauty Must-Haves

    by Kelly Atterton

    Getty ImagesGetty Images I first met Kate Bosworth at an Allure event over a decade ago when she had just arrived in Los Angeles. Everyone in the room knew this teenager with a gorgeous smile was going to be a huge success. Cut to last week at the launch party for the her new Style Thief app, and Bosworth is still breathtaking-but she's also developed into a poised, articulate businesswoman. (In case you haven't tried it out: Style Thief uses digital-recognition software to help you find coveted fashion items. Take a photo of a person, an editorial in a magazine, or a screenshot and the app finds an exact or similar product online.) The first item Bosworth snapped and stole? A strapless black cocktail dress by Acne. I caught up with her and asked about the rest of her fashion and beauty must-haves.

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    A good pair of jeans. "I'm living in a soft-wash boyfriend cut from Strom at the moment."

    Robert Clergerie platform sandals. "The '90s are

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  • Allure Cover Girl Rachel McAdams's Beauty Secrets

    by Jenna Rosenstein

    Carter Smith for AllureCarter Smith for Allure Mean Girls, The Notebook, Sherlock Holmes--you're probably familiar with some of Rachel McAdams's most "fetch" beauty looks. But you probably didn't know about her secret weapon: Her sister Kayleen McAdams is a celebrity makeup artist. "Even though I'm the older sister, I totally defer to her," McAdams told our writer Brooke Hauser. The star opens up about Regina George, Ryan Gosling, and her newest films in our August issue. But here, her best beauty secrets:

    Her skin-care secret: "I use a seaweed mask [Fresh Sea Plant Mask] by Chicet that I really love. It dries, and then it's really fun to pick off the pieces of seaweed, which is totally disgusting, and I can't believe I just told you that."

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    Her favorite hair products: "Right now, I'm using Lavera. It's the Rose Milk line, which I just love the sound of."

    Her biggest hair mistake: "It would be from the figure-skating days. That was the '80s, so it was the bangs--you curl

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  • How to Avoid the Worst Wardrobe Malfunction

    by Elizabeth Siegel

    Getty ImagesGetty Images

    So there are fashion mishaps. And then, there is the catastrophe known as....camel toe. Nobody wants it. But who knows how to actually prevent it, like 100 percent make sure that it never, ever happens to you? I spoke to a really major stylist--Anita Patrickson, who's worked with Emma Watson, Julianne Hough, Emmy Rossum, and Rachel Bilson--to get the real deal. And--love her--she had amazing tricks.

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    Be wary of high-wasted pants. "Because they sit on your tummy, a lot of women get self-conscious that they're cutting into them and making them look fat," says Patrickson. "They pull up and up without realizing what's going on down there, and everything gets in a twist." Keep your hands off low-cut jeans, too. They're another thing women absentmindedly fidget with, and "yanking them up puts you in the danger zone," says Patrickson.

    And jumpsuits, especially silk ones. "You lift your arm an

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  • Hairstylist Sunnie Brook Shares How to Get L.A.-Perfect Beachy Waves

    by Kelly Atterton

    Getty ImagesGetty Images What do Lana del Rey, Chrissy Teigen, and Grimes have in common? Really good hair--and Los Angeles-based stylist Sunnie Brook. But the laid-back beauty (that's her above) won't be a well-kept California secret for much longer. When she's not tending to celebrities, Brook is posting how-to videos on her blog (, where she also sells curated kits that address specific hair needs, such as teasing and curls. "I started my blog as a way to help my clients re-create their looks at home," says Brook. "And I created the kits because they were asking where to get the products I use. Being on set most days, I have the chance to try out so many different brands. I've educated myself on what the ingredients are and how the different products interact together."

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    The first kit Brook designed continues to be her most popular: Beach Waves. "It's centered around a cotton Turkish towel I designed," she says. "The

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  • The Difference Between Body Lotion with SPF and Body Sunscreen

    by Alexandra Tunell


    My fair-skinned roommate came home the other weekend frantically searching for aloe to soothe a bright red sunburn down the front of her legs. No, she hadn't been at the beach or lying out on a rooftop--she was just running errands on a sunny day. "I need an everyday body lotion with SPF so I'm always covered," she declared. Sounds like a no-brainer, I thought, there must be tons. Only...not so fast.

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    A search of my local Sephora, Duane Reade, and the Allure beauty closet turned up plenty of sunscreens and endless body lotions, but only a handful of body lotions with sunscreen--and they all had a pretty low SPF level. I asked cosmetic chemist Randy Schueller (who also edits to tell me why:

    "To be an effective sunscreen, a product must form a good film on skin and be resistant to sweating," he explained. "Once you formulate a product to meet these criteria, it's less likely to look and

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  • Look We Love: Megan Fox's Flawless Skin (and the Products that Made it that Way)

    by Sophia Panych

    Getty ImagesGetty ImagesLast week at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports Awards (which I didn't know existed until today), Megan Fox's skin looked so glow-y and golden that you could have sworn little fairies came down and sprinkled magic dust all over her face. Want to know what was actually used by Fox's makeup artist Monika Blunder? Keep reading to find out.

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    "I wanted Megan to look as fresh as possible," says Blunder, who dabbed a thin layer of La Prairie Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation onto Fox's face with a Beautyblender sponge. Next, she dusted the darker shade in the Charlotte Tilbury Bronzer in Film Star Bronze and Glow along the cheekbones and swirled a touch of the Charlotte Tilbury Blusher in Ecstasy on the apples of the cheeks. Finally, to make Fox's skin look hyper-real, Blunder added some strategic highlights to the high points of the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, and underneath the brows with

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  • 4 Products that Waterproof the Makeup You Own (and Love)

    by Stephanie Saltzman


    Yes, there are some truly great waterproof makeup options out there. But what if you don't want to give up your most beloved mascara or the eye shadow you spent $20 on just because it's crazy-humid out or you're headed to the pool? That's where these four products come in. You mix them into--or swipe them over--your regular makeup and they transform your everyday formulas into ones that won't budge when they get wet. Or at least, that's what their press releases claim. We put them to the test to find out if they really work.

    Anatasia Beverly Hills Lash Genius Waterproof Topcoat (shown above): I swiped it over my regular mascara--an almost aggressively un-waterproof formula that I love despite its tendency to smudge easily--and then went to go see The Fault in Our Stars. Suffice it to say, there were lots of tears. I came out of the theater expecting to have major raccoon eyes, but shockingly, my mascara was completely intact. For real. Even better, when it

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