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  • 'Watchdog' Photo Series Shows Small Dogs in a Big Light

    Courtesy Sophie Gamand Photography

    By Deidre Grieves |

    When people hear the word "watchdog," they think of big, muscular canines that produce a loud bark and a potentially dangerous bite. But photographer Sophie Gamand, best known for her Wet Dog series of photographs, is turning the traditional watchdog stereotype on its head.

    VIEW GALLERY: 'Wet Dog' Wins at Sony World Photography Awards

    The French photographer, who lives and works in New York, recently completed a new series of photos that depict small and toy dog breeds with jeweled armor to make their larger-than-life personalities shine through.

    Gamand got the idea for the series from witnessing women in New York City carrying small dogs around in their purses. These women take their dogs everywhere, and the small canines become loyal, loving companions that are integral to their owners' lives.

    "These toy dogs have taken the place of friends, family and social interactions. The dogs become an emotional rampart," says Gamand. "I

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  • Cat Dials 911 and Gets Adopted from Florida Animal Shelter

    F.Mann via Shutterstock (photo does not depict cat in story)

    By Deidre Grieves |
    Some people may consider the number of cats in animal shelters a dire situation. But one cat in Sarasota, Fla., believes it is a full-blown emergency.

    According to ABC 7 News, a shelter cat named Zeke wound up dialing 911 from an office phone at Cat Depot, a rescue facility in the city. Apparently Zeke just couldn't wait any longer to be rescued by a loving family.

    After the dispatcher on the line got no response from the precocious feline, and the emergency worker called the shelter back to make sure everything was okay. The volunteer at the front desk answered the phone and then began to question all humans in the facility to make sure no one had dialed emergency services.

    The staff was incredibly puzzled, but shelter workers eventually found Zekes sprawled across a phone in the office of Lynn Rasys, who works as director of communications for the rescue group. Zeke apparently has a habit of walking across laptops and other electronic

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  • The Downtown Veterinarian via Facebook

    By Deidre Grieves |
    Turbo, a one-month-old Chihuahua, has a long road ahead. He was surrendered to the Downtown Veterinarian in Indianapolis after the litter of puppies he was born with did not let him near food after he was weaned from his mother. Turbo's front legs also did not develop, putting him at a disadvantage.

    The couple that surrendered Turbo had checked in with several other veterinary clinics, but no one offered assistance. But the staff at Downtown Veterinarian agreed to take Turbo in and give him the life he deserves.

    According to a report from TheIndyChannel, Practice Manager Amy Birk didn't even consider euthanization. "A small dog can do well with a cart. So, unless he had another medical condition, there was no way we were putting him to sleep," she told reporters.

    Turbo cannot be fit for a regular-sized cart until he is six months old, but the staff at the practice got creative and used parts from a Fisher Price helicopter on wheels to

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  • 'My Cat from Hell' Star Co-Authors Book Telling You How to Catify Your Home


    By Paris Permenter |
    Although we love our four-legged housemates, when it comes to cohabiting, we all require our own space. We need a place, no matter how small or simple, that appeals to our own comforts and our interests.

    The same holds true for our indoor cats. While they're happy to share their lives with us, they would prefer a living space that provides an environment that meets their needs for safety, comfort and more.

    Catification Revealed

    Kate Benjamin, publisher of and co-author of the upcoming book "Catification: Designing a Happy and Stylish Home for Your Cat (And You!)," specializes in designs that bring together the desire for a stylish home and the need for an appealing environment for the home's cats. Benjamin calls this process "catification." As the Arizona-based cat lover explains, "Catification is essential for keeping indoor cats happy, healthy, and active, and anyone can do it! We want people to celebrate living with cats. You

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  • VIDEO: Disabled Dachshund Loses Race, but Wins Over Everyone

    Animals With Disabilities via FacebookBy Deidre Grieves |

    Disabled dogs may require special attention, but if the right families care them for, these dogs can do anything. And one disabled Dachshund named Anderson Pooper is living her life as if she doesn't have any sort of handicap.

    Anderson Pooper is unable to use her back legs, but she gets around with a set of wheels. Her injury hasn't stopped her from doing normal dog activities such as running. In fact, Pooper is a racing star.

    The adorable wiener dog from Seattle recently competed in the 18th Annual Wiener Dog Races at Emerald Downs racetrack. She was the only cart dog to compete in the competition, but the spunky pooch had plenty of support from friends and fans on her big day.

    Watch the Video Here

    When released at the starting line by her pet parent, Anderson Pooper slowly and steadily trotted down the track-making an adorable beeline for her mom who was waiting for her at the finish line.

    The crowd cheered the Dachshund on as she

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  • Top Pet-Friendly Ballparks for Your Dog

    Mat Hayward via Shutterstock

    By Jessica Remitz |

    Gearing up for a day at the ballpark with your family? This year, don't worry about calling the dog sitter before heading out to the game and take your pooch with you! Sports arenas across the country are making it easier than ever to enjoy your favorite sport alongside your favorite four-legged cheerleader. Get the details on some pet-friendly events happening in your neck of the woods, below.

    Baseball Events

    A number of professional ballparks are opening up their gates and rolling out the red carpet for fans and their pups to enjoy a game, meet some new pet parents and pick up some swag. At "Bark At The Park" hosted by the Mets, fans can join their pups in a parade on the field prior to the game and proceeds from ticket sales are donated to the local North Shore Animal League.

    The Cincinnati Reds host four "Bark in the Park" events throughout the season and provide T-shirt to any pet parent that purchases a pair of tickets for any event.

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  • Report: Dogs Make You Feel 10 Years Younger

    Halfpoint via ShutterstockBy Deidre Grieves |

    The health benefits of pet ownership have been well documented. Dogs and cats can help relieve stress and anxiety, keep you fit, and provide emotional support. But it also looks like owning a dog can help slow down the aging process and keep you physically fit into your golden years.

    According to the Free Press Journal, a new study from researchers at the University of St Andrews in Scotland shows that dog owners over the age of 65 acted and felt 10 years younger than their non-dog-owning counterparts.

    Dr Zhiqiang Feng monitored 547 elderly people with an average age of 79 living in Tayside, Scotland. Within the group, 9 percent-approximately 50 people-were dog owners. Participants were asked to wear an accelerometer for seven days to track and monitor their movements and levels of activity.

    Results showed that dog owners recorded activity levels of people 10 years younger than them, and the pet parents were 12 percent more active than those

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  • 5 Must-Know Tips for Taking Your Dog to the Beach

    Erlo Brown via Shutterstock

    By Valarie Trumps |
    The sun! The sand! The surf! Beach days are even more fun when your furry friend is along for the ride. Taking some time to prepare for your outing together and knowing what to expect once you get there makes for a safe and happy excursion.

    Pack Proper Gear

    Arriving at the beach without preparing for your pup's basic needs can put a damper on your day. Lather him up with sunscreen specifically formulated for dogs at least 30 minutes before heading out-paying special attention to his ears, nose, and areas where he has less fur.

    Bring multiple gallon-sized jugs of fresh water and a bowl for him to drink out of. Drinking salt water can cause your dog to vomit and also act as a laxative, so make sure you're providing ample fresh water for your pooch. Use whatever water is left over to rinse off the irritating salt water when you're done for the day.

    Put together a first-aid kit of bandages, cotton balls, ammonia, and hydrogen peroxide in case

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  • Party Animals: 10 Best Dog Breeds for Your Outdoor Event

    Smit via ShutterstockBy Jessica Remitz

    If you're looking to be the life of the party at this summer's barbeque, consider bringing along a four-legged companion that thrives on outdoor fun, visiting with families and meeting new people. We've asked the American Kennel Club to share their picks for the best breeds to bring to a picnic or barbeque, along with a few tips for introducing your pup to a new environment and commands to keep in mind in a party environment.

    While many breeds have certain characteristics that make them suitable choices for attending a social event with you, a dog's personality and individual behavior can vary greatly from dog to dog. Be sure to do your research and learn as much as you can about your potential pup's personality, behavior and health conditions before bringing them home for good.

    #1 - German Shorthaired Pointer

    Outgoing, social and generally good with other dogs and children, the German Shorthaired Pointer would definitely enjoy a backyard BBQ, according to

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  • 8 Ways to Pamper Your Cat This Summer

    Sushaaa via ShutterstockSushaaa via ShutterstockBy Kathy Blumenstock |

    Cats know how to stay warm in winter, seeking the sunniest spot in any room for a nap. And in summer, they conserve energy, chill as they sit in sinks, and busily groom to keep cool. But there are fun ways you can boost your cat's summer staycation into maximum comfort and fun.

    #1 - Ice Cream Dreams

    Whip up some feline-style soda fountain specialties. Start with a scoop of crushed ice, then garnish with a little tuna juice. Crush some dry cat food and sprinkle it on top for some crunchy texture and taste. Or blend a spoonful of canned cat food with water to get a saucy consistency, then drizzle over a dollop of cottage cheese or plain yogurt. For your cat, it's as yummy as a hot fudge sundae.

    #2 - Social Network

    Invite two or three cat-parent friends and their felines over for an afternoon ice cream social. Savor both cat-friendly and people-pleasing sweet cool goodies while watching a vintage beach flick on DVD, or listening to the

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