• It's never easy to say goodbye, and over the past year at "Daily Shot," we've had a blast bringing you hilarious interviews and only the best questionable life advice. But before we start crying into our cereal, sleeping until 2 p.m., and blowing our savings in Atlantic City in a fit of Wentworth withdrawal, we at "Daily Shot" want to say thanks.

    Whether Ali was sitting across the table from A-list celebrities, famous cats, or Tupperware-selling drag queens, we've always tried to bring a little laughter to your day … with only the occasional herpes joke. On camera and off, we've probably had too much fun, like that time in the office when Ali burst into a VP meeting … topless. We are so blessed.

    We hope you enjoy a little compilation of some of our favorite moments over this past season. Be sure to watch until the end for a special surprise.

    Thanks for watching, thanks for sharing, and thanks for laughing with us. That was your "Daily Shot"!

    Love always,
    The "Daily Shot" Team

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  • Many months ago George Stephanopoulos came into the "Daily Shot" studio for an interview. So why hasn't it aired? While George is famous for asking hard-hitting questions on "Good Morning America," we discovered he doesn't like being on the other side of the interview table, especially when Ali is the one asking the questions.

    WATCH: Lara Spencer: Work Wife vs. Real Wife

    The "GMA" host did his best to be a good sport, but it's clear he wasn't altogether comfortable with his wife's "less formal" interview style or "loose interpretation of facts." That said, if you want to find out how often Ali embarrasses George or see how George rates himself against fellow handsome Greek John Stamos, check out this ... the penultimate episode of "Daily Shot"!

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  • Tupperware saleswoman extraordinaire Aunt Barbara was one of Daily Shot's very first guests. In this nostalgic episode, we've asked her back to help us say goodbye and pay a special tribute to the best canceled shows of all time.

    WATCH: Aunt Barbara: Life is a Drag!

    Which Tupperware would she use to pay respect to "The Facts of Life"? "Those poor girls, right before they canceled the show, they were tortured in the media because they all gained weight," Aunt Barbara says. "That makes me think of the Tupperware salad-to-go set, because if they had taken a salad to-go every day, they might never have gotten pink slips."

    For "Baywatch," Aunt Barbara recommends the Tupperware Forget Me Not containers. "You get two boobs and a box for $19," she says. "Where you gonna find two boobs and a box for $19?"

    WATCH: Guinea Pig Fashion Show

    How would she pay tribute to "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno"? "You're gonna stick your big banana in the Tupperware big banana keeper," she says.

    For "Beverly H

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  • On the new season of "Inside Amy Schumer" on Comedy Central, viewers can look forward to celebrity guests like Paul Giamatti of "Sideways" and "The Hangover Part II," Zach Braff of "Scrubs," Rachel Dratch of "30 Rock," and Parker Posey, among others. But the show's success doesn't mean it's easier the second time around for host and star Amy Schumer. "They gave us less money, so I'm also playing the extras," Amy jokes.

    WATCH: Rosie Perez's Backstage Stories from 'In Living Color'

    Did she hook up with any of the famous guest stars who appear in Season 2? Nope. "I've never hooked up with anyone who could help my career," she says. "I've been sleeping my way down."

    Amy was quick to dismiss Ali's jealously over her TV success and upcoming movie, "Train Wreck," directed by Judd Apatow. "I'm lonely, and I don't have any time to enjoy my life," she said.

    WATCH: Comedian Shares her 'Worst Food Shame Spiral'

    To watch Amy play a hilarious round of "Which Is Worse?" with Ali, check out this episode

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  • Is your cat driving you crazy? Might be time to call in an expert. Jackson Galaxy is an animal behaviorist on the Animal Planet show "My Cat from Hell" who helps cats get along better with their humans.

    WATCH: The No. 1 Thing People Don't Understand About Cats

    Pet owners turn to Jackson when their cats are particularly aggressive or prone to bad behavior — whether it's scratching strangers, peeing in the toaster, or a hundred other issues. How does he help to solve the problem? First, by finding their "challenge line."

    "I'm trying to find the place where they go from comfort to challenge," Jackson says. Then, he begins to repair the cat-human relationship through training.

    What's the most common behavioral problem that Jackson sees among his clients' pets? Either hissing or peeing on the carpet, but if an owner is committed to keeping a cat, Jackson will be there to help.

    WATCH: Lil Bub's Lil Interview wit Ali

    While there are many misconceptions about our feline friends, Jackson says

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