• Just say the word Aruba, and everyone pictures couples sharing quiet moments together beachside. But when I was recently on that island snapping a picture of this sunset that sucked me into its beauty, not only were my hubby and I not on the honeymoon we haven't taken yet, we weren't even alone in the Dutch Caribbean. We were on vacation with his mother, his father, his sister, our brother-in-law and our three nieces, ages 8, 6 and 2. Hardly a mix for one-on-one connecting. It was the annual family vacation with the in-laws - going on four years now, and our relationship is still intact to tell the tale.
    By Christine Porretta for TheNest.com

    The NestThe Nest

    The first time we landed on Aruba's Palm Beach, we felt like the odd pair out - not on our honeymoon, not married, not with kids and we weren't retired. What were we doing there?! It was the perfect scenario to get the "You've been together for more than seven years, and you're still not married?" utter-joy questions from complete strangers.

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  • No matter how relaxed your approach to personal grooming, odor control is one place you don't want to cut corners. Swipe smart with our guide to the three main deodorizing products -- and why they work (or don't).

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    Masks the smell of sweat. Ingredients like triclosan control the underarm bacteria that cause BO.


    Contains aluminum salt, which keeps sweat glands from perspiring. "All antiperspirants are deodorants, but simple deodorants aren't antiperspirants," says Susan Biehle-Hulette, Secret's senior scientist.

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    Clinical-Strength Formulas

    Serious sweat issues used to call for a prescription. Not anymore. "These deliver prescription-strength odor and wetness protection," says Douglas C. Tomczak, deodorant research and development manager at Unilever.


    Injections of botulinum toxin A -- which disables the armpits' sweat glands --

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  • Healthy Low-Calorie Foods You Can Eat A Lot OfLisa D'Agrosa, M.S., R.D., Associate Nutrition Editor, EatingWell Magazine

    There are some days where my stomach feels like a bottomless pit. Usually I try to distract myself by going for a walk, drinking water or chatting with a friend. But sometimes my hunger rages All. Day. Long--no matter what tricks I try (please tell me you can relate). When I know I'm going to be munching more than usual, I try to do the least amount of damage to my diet by choosing foods that are low in calories and satisfy my cravings. That means I reach for foods that take up a lot of space in my tummy for not a lot of calories. I'm not suggesting you throw portion control to the wind--but here are some feel-full options that deliver satisfaction on fewer calories for days when you're feeling hungrier than usual.

    1. Popcorn
    Popcorn totally satisfies a craving for a salty, crunchy snack. Yum. Foods that are filled with air, like popcorn, trick us into thinking we're eating more, according to Barbara

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  • Why Some Ice Cream Bars Don't Melt

    An ice cream sandwich(Newser) - Don't you hate it when you get distracted after opening an ice cream sandwich and it melts? On the flip side, don't you hate it when it … doesn't melt?

    An Ohio mom tells Cincinnati's WCPO that she got a little alarmed upon discovering that her son's Walmart Great Value sandwich bar was still mostly intact after being left on the patio for 12 hours on an 80-degree day. Christie Watson conducted a second test with similar results, and the TV station then confirmed it by comparing the Walmart brand against Haagen-Dazs and Klondike. Melt-off results showed that the other two brands liquefied at rates you'd expect after 30 minutes in the sun-read: fairly quickly-while the Walmart sandwich melted only a wee bit.

    So what gives? It's because of "certain specific ingredients that, when taken together, have the net effect of creating un-cream," writes CA Pinkham at Jezebel's Kitchenette. Consider that Haagen-Dazs ingredients' list consists of just cream, milk, sugar, eggs, and

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  • 5 Ways To Beat Emotional Eating

    Nicci Micco, M.S., Content Director, Custom Publishing & Licensing for EatingWell

    When you have an intense craving for a specific kind of food, it's not too hard to imagine yourself as being addicted to it. People talk about being "addicted to sugar," "addicted to potato chips" and, probably most commonly, "addicted to chocolate." If thinking about food rules your life, seek help from a professional. But if you're someone dealing with occasional cravings, restructuring your day and planning ahead can help you resist temptation. Here are some tricks:

    1. Plan Meals and Snacks
    Grazing all day may keep you from getting so hungry that you'll overeat the next time food is in front of you, but eating on the fly without a plan can also add up to too many calories and too many carbs. Better to plan meals and snacks ahead: decide what you'll have for breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus a mid-afternoon snack. Each time, include a little protein for additional staying power.

    2. Budget

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  • Easy Ways to Make Walking Part of Your RoutineBy Lindsay Westley, EatingWell Magazine

    There are days when just the thought of leaving the house seems like a huge effort. Days when you don't feel like getting off the couch, never mind going to the gym. But guess what-if you got out of bed this morning, you jump-started your fitness routine just by walking down the hall to the bathroom. Add a little pep to your stride for an activity that feels less like exercise and more like living a normal life-but with the added benefits that exercise provides.

    Make Walking Part of Your Everyday Routine
    Mark Fenton, a health and fitness consultant and author who has written extensively about the benefits of walking, was a member of the U.S. national race walking team from 1986-1991. Now he works as a consultant to help communities implement safe routes for walking and bicycling. "Make walking a part of your normal routine and you'll have a much easier time keeping it up," Fenton says. "Set aside time at a specific time of day to walk,

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  • zoe moon astrology


    New Moon energy continues to compel us forward into new territory when it comes to creativity, our love life, fun, or the kids. This week is important for moving forward with these themes, even baby steps count to set you on the right energetic to build over the months ahead.

    The week ahead for ARIES: This week counts for you with pushing that New Moon energy towards love, creative projects, fun, or children. Solarly, you show up in this stuff on WEDNESDAY and SUNDAY, so set these days aside for being...(read more)

    The week ahead for TAURUS: It's a huge week for propelling forward your creative ideas, love interests, kids interests, or fun in the home, with the real estate deals, through a move, a renovation, the family, a parent, or with...(read more)

    MONDAY the Venus/Pluto opposition that was building last night covers the day so most of us will be in situations with other

  • The science behind the rather low-tech cure.

    By: K. Aleisha Fetters

    To pee or not to pee?To pee or not to pee?

    I have no plans of peeing on myself anytime soon. But-just in case-will urine kill the pain of a jellyfish sting?

    Angel A. Yanagihara, Ph.D., principal investigator at Pacific Cnidarian Research Laboratory, University of Hawaii at Manoa

    Yes and no. (That's helpful, right?)

    That's because you are actually dealing with two separate mind-numbingly painful problems with any jellyfish sting, Yanagihara says. First, the umpteen-thousand microscopic tubules imbedded in your skin have already spewed a ton of venom. And second, they are ready to unleash even more into you.

    Peeing on yourself-or a friend, lover, or really unfortunate stranger in need-only helps with the latter issue. Urine has a naturally low pH, which inhibits the cells from discharging more venom (and can also remove any whole tentacles that are hooked into your skin). While vinegar (another

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  • Grab your swimsuit! Here are the most irresistibly enjoyable, summer-fun-filled lakes in the West.

    Christina Lake, British ColumbiaChristina Lake, British Columbia
    Best for a private hideaway

    All your life, you've longed for your own personal lakeside retreat. But you haven't inherited money, you haven't issued an IPO. What to do? You rent your lakeside paradise for a week or two. Christina Lake, British Columbia, is seemingly created for people who want to rent their own lakeside cottage/cabin/luxury home. Resorts are nonexistent (although there is a scattering of nice, small B&Bs). But what Christina has is a broad range of properties for rent, from quirky but comfortable cabins to a few seven-figure estates.

    Christina's charms extend beyond real estate, though. The lake is serenely lovely, set in the Monashee Mountains, near the Canadian Rockies. August lake and weather temps belie the north-of-the-border location: 71° (or, as they have it up here, 22° C); daytime averages around 82°. If you're looking for a lake with sweeping, sandy

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  • Maybe not a good idea for your mental state. (Newser) - It seems natural to reach for the remote to take a breather after a taxing day of conference calls and TPS reports, but a new study warns that especially work-weary folks who flick on the TV or play video games may feel incredibly guilty and like failures afterward, reports the Independent.

    Instead of letting the media do its ostensible job of mitigating any 9-to-5 stress, scientists found that certain "ego-depleted individuals" regard these activities as procrastination from more critical tasks and fault themselves for a lack of self-control.

    The German and Dutch researchers asked 471 subjects to talk about how they felt after their 9-to-5 toil the previous day, as well as what media they used to veg out, according to a post at Eureka Alert. Even though the study's authors say that media has been shown in previous research to offer a "recovery experience" for stressed-out working stiffs, this survey seems to indicate the opposite: that worn-out workers who could

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