• Serbian Australian model Andrej Pejic wears a creation by Auslander during the Fashion Rio Summer 2012 collection in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Saturday, June 4, 2011.(Newser) - The fomer Andrej Pejic-the gender-bending model who took the fashion world by storm in 2011-is now Andreja Pejic. Pejic came out as a transgender woman via stories on People, Entertainment Tonight, and Style, as noticed by Jezebel.

    The 22-year-old had sex reassignment surgery this year, and "I want to share my story with the world because I think I have a social responsibility," she says. "I hope that by being open about this, it becomes less of an issue."

    The Serbian-born model says she "dreamt of being a girl" from childhood, but when she moved with her family to Australia, she started to get "a social message" that she should act more like a boy. She did, but nonetheless started researching what were then called "sex changes" at age 13.

    "The Internet gave me the sense that there were words to describe my feelings and medical terms," she says. She started by taking puberty blockers, and was discovered by an agent at 17. She used to model both men's and women's

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  • The carbon-based substance, an ancient cure-all that still gets the job done, is gunning for your medicine cabinet with these new products.

    By: Grace Clarke, Photo by Victor Prado

    Charcoal may be the cure-all you've been looking for.Charcoal may be the cure-all you've been looking for.

    For all of skin care's futuristic new gadgets-motorized brushes that wash your face, souped-up razors that run like a Tesla-there are a handful of old-fashioned remedies worth keeping around. Case in point: charcoal, a centuries-old, unapologetically simple grime fighter with a knack for eliminating impurities, odors, and bacteria. Ancient Hindus purified water with it, Hippocrates used it to treat anthrax in 400 B.C., and now grooming brands are touting its benefits.

    "Activated charcoal, which is what's in skin-care products, is treated with oxygen, opening up millions of tiny holes that act like magnets for junk," explains dermatologist Soheil Simzar, M.D., of Ava MD in Los Angeles. "But it's different from regular soap because it won't leave your skin stripped and tight." (The chemical structure

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  • By: Kristin Doherty for TheKnot.com

    Fresh flowers aren't just for your bouquet and centerpieces. Consider adding them to your wedding day hairstyle. Get a whimsical look with a fresh flower crown or go classic with a few simple white flowers tucked into an updo. One tip for the taking: Do a little homework before you decide on what flowers to use. You may love ranunculus but they'll wilt in the matter of an hour. So choose a heartier flower - amaryllis, succulents and orchids are all durable options. Here, a few of our favorite brides who pulled it off!

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  • Summer Makeup TipsSummer Makeup Tips

    Handle the heat and avoid makeup meltdowns with our easy-to-follow summer beauty tips.

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    1. Wear sheer cream eye shadow
    It sinks in quickly and won't melt. Summer's a great time to experiment with new colors. These eye duos look bold but go on sheer for a soft wash of color.

    2. Apply concealer sparingly
    Touch up trouble spots- blemishes, dark circles or redness-with a tiny dab of concealer. Blend well with a small synthetic brush. Less is more when the temperature is high.

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    3. Shield your skin
    A face full of foundation looks and feels uncomfortable in the heat. Use a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen, it keeps your complexion hydrated and protected from the sun in just one step.

    4. Refresh your body
    When a cool shower isn't an option, run your hands under cold water, then place your wrists on the back of your neck. This should soothe your skin before you begin to sweat.


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  • woman looking in the mirrorwoman looking in the mirrorBy Anne Roderique-Jones

    You know to wear sunscreen and apply anti-aging creams. But what goes inside your body also plays a role in maintaining your youthful appearance. Read on to see which foods and drinks add years to your skin and smile, and learn which smart swaps to make. Photo by Thinkstock

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    1. Salt
    The white stuff isn't the right stuff to keep wrinkles at bay. Getting more than the American Heart Association's daily recommendation of 1,500 mg of sodium can lead to high blood pressure, which "can weaken the skin by affecting collagen," says registered dietitian Jen Brewer, author of Stop Dieting and Start Losing Weight. And that can cause wrinkles, especially in thin-skinned areas, like around your eyes, she adds. Salt also can cause puffiness by your eyes, says Heidi Waldorf, MD, director of laser and cosmetic dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City. And there's nothing youthful about puffy peepers.

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  • Get a Natural-Looking Sunless TanGet a Natural-Looking Sunless Tan

    If you long for the perfect tan but know you can't soak up the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays, using a self-tanner is the way to go!

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    1. Exfoliate. It's always best to exfoliate your skin before applying any type of tanning product; if you skip this step, you may end up with uneven or streaked results. Use a soft cotton washcloth to exfoliate while you shower or bathe.

    2. Dry your skin. Make sure your skin is clean and air-dried before you apply the self-tanner. If your skin is not dry or if you're already wearing a lotion, you may get uneven patches that will be hard to correct.

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    3. Apply self-tanner. To avoid staining your hands, it's important to wear protective gloves. Remember that knees and elbows will appear darker, so apply only a small amount of lotion to these areas. To cover your skin evenly, use downward, fanning strokes. Start with your legs (remember to shave beforehand), then

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  • Why Sunglasses Make Everyone More Attractive

    Anna Wintour(Newser) - There is, somehow, an instant attractiveness boost conferred by sunglasses. But why is it that covering up our eyes creates this effect? Believe it or not, there is an expert on the topic (it was the subject of her PhD), and UK professor Vanessa Brown explains the situation to Science of Us. The Guardian notes Brown's research spun out of her catching sight of her own reflection one day-walking into a supermarket in scruffy painting clothes but looking, she believed "quite cool," thanks to her sunglasses. That may be because, first of all, symmetry makes us look better, and sunglasses hide asymmetry around our eyes. They also suggest a more attractive bone structure: one that's "chiseled" rather than "soft."

    Sunglasses also add an air of mystery. "The eyes are such a tremendous source of information," observes Brown, and without a way to view them, others are shielded from making judgements about what we're thinking or feeling-or even how intelligent we are. (Plus, Science

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  • Which SPF is better: SPF 30 or SPF 100?Which SPF is better: SPF 30 or SPF 100?

    By Christina Heiser, Everyday Health

    We lecture you a lot about the importance of wearing SPF every day - and now there's even more proof that not slathering on the sunscreen religiously can lead to skin cancer. A new study published in the Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention journal found that women who had at least five sunburns between the ages of 15 and 20 had an 80 percent increased risk of melanoma.

    Given the scary stats on skin cancer, it's essential that you know how to apply SPF properly to ensure you're as protected as possible from UV damage. Top dermatologists debunk common sunscreen misconceptions so that you can make smart sun decisions all year long.

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    Myth: The higher the SPF, the better.

    Reality: "There is very little difference in an SPF 30 or 50 or 100 in the total percentage of ultraviolet light blocked," says Elizabeth Tanzi, MD, co-director of the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser

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  • by Christa Lee

    Whether you love a retro cat eye or just a hint of definition, nailing the perfect eyeliner look isn't an easy task. For many, it not only takes a super-steady hand, but weeks-maybe even years-of practice (which was the case for me!). So naturally, when you finally get it right, you don't want the fruit of your labors to smear down your face by the time you've had your morning coffee.

    Luckily, some of the best formulas are ones that you can pick up at any local drugstore. Click through for tried-and-true, budget-friendly options that'll last all day long, even in steamy summer weather.

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  • Common Makeup Mistakes and RemediesCommon Makeup Mistakes and Remedies

    Makeup Oops! #1: Clown Cheeks
    Don't scour cheeks with makeup remover or you'll create a streaky mess.

    How to Fix It Now:
    • Step 1: Gently roll a cotton ball over cheeks to pick up excess product. Using a circular motion, blend in toward the apples of cheeks so the color doesn't spread all over your face.

    • Step 2: If your cheeks are still too bright, bring the color down a notch with a light dusting of translucent powder. This should mute the intensity enough for you to look presentable.

    Avoid It Next Time:
    • Always apply blush last so you won't overcompensate for a pale face by saturating your cheeks; build color in layers rather than all at once.

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    Makeup Oops! #2: Too Much Powder
    Don't slap on more makeup - your skin would appear even pastier.

    How to Fix It Now:
    • Step 1: Hold a bottle of a hydrating facial mist approximately 6 inches from your face. Close your eyes, spritz lightly in a circular motion,

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