• With the entire second season of Netflix's "House of Cards" episodes released at once, it's easy to fall into a major binge session. Sakina Jaffrey, who plays White House Chief of Staff Linda Vasquez on the hit drama, explained a curious watch trend that has viewers all over the country getting themselves into trouble.

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    "It's called 'Netflix infidelity,'" Sakina says about couples who commit to watch the show together, only to have one partner secretly watch ahead. "It's a sickness that is taking over the nation, I believe. For certain people, there is a decorum that's set in, and you really follow that decorum. You do not go past a certain point, and if you do, you don't tell anybody what's happened."

    One thing Sakina is telling everyone is that she — like the rest of America — has a crush on co-star Robin Wright, who plays Claire Underwood on the show. "I knew I had a girl crush when I was thinking, 'Can she just walk down that off

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  • From Kim Kardashian's giant engagement ring to Ciara's 15-carat sparkler, 2013 has been a year for some major celebrity bling. While the average gal probably can't afford a ring with a seven-digit price tag, she can certainly be inspired by the unique styles of celebrity rings. Kellee Khalil, founder of Lover.ly, the one-stop resource for brides to be, stopped by the "Daily Shot" studio to talk about some of the hottest bling in Hollywood.

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    Ashley Tisdale's Halo-Cut Diamond

    One of the most popular ring styles continues to be the halo diamond, a large diamond surrounded by rings, or halos, of smaller diamonds. These ring styles have graced the hands of stars like Ashley Tisdale and Jessica Biel.

    Another hot trend? "Art deco is huge," Kellee says of the throwback to vintage style. "Scarlett Johansson set the trend, along with Ashlee Simpson, Ginnifer Goodwin."

    "The biggest ring that inspired everyone was when Blake Lively got married," she says of the 12-carat pale pink diamond set in

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  • As the most recognizable drag queen in the entertainment industry, RuPaul is all about encouraging others to embrace their differences. His wildly popular TV show "RuPaul's Drag Race" has already been renewed for a seventh season, and behind the spirited reality competition is a message of hope and inspiration. "These are little boys who were cast off and made fun of and prevailed irregardless of what anyone else had to say...

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    "Drag has always been about telling society to not take itself too seriously," he says, and with that lightheartedness comes a whole new vocabulary, or "vodragulary," of phrases.

    What's the most fabulous way to say goodbye? "Sorry 'bout it!" with a dramatic head toss for flair.

    What does it mean to "beat your face"? "That is putting on your makeup," he says. "You have contoured and shaded to the point where you are a completely different person."

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    Wondering what i

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  • As a "Saturday Night Live" cast member since 2008, Bobby Moynihan cracks up crowds every weekend on stage. But the comedian says it's not as easy as it looks. For his first few years on the legendary comedy show, Moynihan was constantly worried about proving himself. "It's like auditioning for a show that you're already on every week," he says.

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    Even when cast members get sick, the show must always go on. "The last time I did Chris Christie, I had, like, 101 fever. It was the sickest I've ever been for a live show," Moynihan recalls. "You can see me sweating. I don't show up for the rest of the show because I passed out!"

    But the perks make it all worth it, he says. Moynihan 's version of New Jersey's notorious governor caught the attention of Christie, himself, who surprised Moynihan with his reaction to the spoof. "He got my parents’ address somehow and sent a very, very nice letter to my mom and dad."

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  • As the founder of AKT in Motion, celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser has worked with Kelly Ripa, Sarah Jessica Parker, Shakira, and Naomi Watts. But her fitness outlook goes far beyond celebrities toning their abs. "It's not necessarily the people who are touting fitness, it's the ones who make it part of their life," Anna says. "Everybody has a different body. You just want to be your best self in your body."

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    What's the biggest exercise trend that gets serious results? "Interval training," she says, short bursts of cardio mixed in with strength and flexibility poses. "It's the most efficient, effective way to work out because you keep your heart rate up, but you also get the strength at the same time. "

    Anna discourages traditional stretching before a workout, saying it's important to stay moving while warming up. "Before stamina or endurance-based exercise, you should have active dynamic stretching," she explains, "not static when you just sit there

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