• Maria Menounos lives with her boyfriend of 16 years … and with her traditional Greek immigrant parents. Sound like a reality show? It is! On her new Oxygen series, "Chasing Maria Menounos," fans get an inside look at what it's like to be an untraditional gal with a very, very traditional family.

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    Maria's Greek father was originally against the idea of a reality show, but now sees it as a way to further his case for Maria to get married and give him some grandchildren. "They want us to have kids, and my dad is literally so excited about the show because it's his platform to prove to people that he's honest about it," Maria says. "Now everyone wants us to get married!"

    Maria's facing pressure from both her parents and industry peers, who say having a baby will do great things for her professional life. She's not taking it. "I'm not looking to make a child for a career booster," Maria says. "You can't put that thing back in on

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  • Are you in love with him? Or are you just in love with the idea of him? In Holly Peterson's new book "The Idea of Him," the protagonist tackles those tough questions.

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    It's a situation familiar to many women. "I think when we go after people, we go after them for a bunch of reasons. Very often it's emotional needs that we're fulfilling," Holly says. "So sometimes we look for the idea of someone to fulfill certain needs we have, before we look at that reality of who that person is across the dinner table from us."

    Holly says people get so attached to the idea of someone that they don't let themselves realize that the person isn't quite right.

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    So how can you tell if you're on the right track? "I think the central question is, 'Would you rather do something … with this person or with your gay best friend?'" Holly says. If you're choosing friends over you significant other because "he's u

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  • In the new movie "Blended," Bella Thorne plays Adam Sandler's track-suit-wearing tomboy daughter Hillary, aka "Larry." The transformation from girlie girl was so convincing that Bella was actually mistaken for a guy off the set.

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    "I went to the restroom, and the guy's like, 'I'm sorry, you can't go in there. The men's room is that way.'" Bella says she immediately got "this devastated look on my face."

    Bella, 16, takes the reactions in stride and says she doesn't feel pressure growing up in the public eye. "If people are talking about me, it doesn't stress me out," Bella says. "I know who I am. I'm not trying to be anything else."

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    The actress, who's also known for her role on Disney Channel's "Shake It Up," is aware of how young her fan base is, and she has special advice for the tweens who look up to her. "Women and girls need to stick together and stick up for each other," she say

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  • From "Beaches" to "Blossom" to "The Big Bang Theory," Mayim Bialik has had some pretty amazing career moments, but the actress says there's one in particular that stands out.

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    "I worked with Woody Allen," Mayim says. "That was pretty amazing." She appeared in "Don't Drink the Water," the 1994 comedy by the legendary director about a family of American tourists who get trapped behind the Iron Curtain. "It was the first time he had done a TV movie," Mayim adds.

    Despite her early career success, Mayim took 12 years off from acting, getting her PhD in neuroscience with plans for a career as a research professor. Though when she had her first son while in grad school, her priorities shifted. "I started auditioning again because I thought 'actors never work! I'll be able to be with my kids all the time!'" She says. "I will probably end up being the science teacher for my kids as they get older."

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  • Do you know what you're really putting in your mouth? Dave Zinczenko, a nutritionist and the author of "Eat It to Beat It!," says, "People are underestimating the calories of the food that's put in front of them by 94 percent."

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    Why? One of the major reasons is misleading food marketing. "Food marketers want to convince you that everything is good for you," Dave says. "So, you'll see 'reduced fat,' which means it could have a ton of sugar, or it can say 'low carb,' which means it has a ton of fat."

    "Eat It to Beat It" gives readers an aisle-by-aisle guide to the healthiest options in both the supermarket and in restaurants so people have a better awareness of what they're eating and can clean up their food choices. "If you can cut 100 calories a day, you would be 10 pounds lighter at the end of the year," Dave says.

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    So where can you make those cuts? Dave lays out his perfect we

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