• Every year on the "Today" show, the morning anchor team dons extravagant costumes to celebrate Halloween. Looking back, there is one costume Al Roker wishes he hadn't worn. "Oprah," the resident weatherman says, "I really ended up looking more like Weezie Jefferson." While dressing in drag for Halloween isn't his cup of tea, Al is quick to add, "Matt enjoys playing women."

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    Outside his "Today" show gig, Al heads up Al Roker Entertainment, which produces content ranging from reality to food shows. He stopped by the "Daily Shot" to tell Ali about the latest season of "Kimberly's Simply Southern," starring country singer Kimberly Schlapman. "She is just delightful," Al says. "She takes these recipes for these foods that she's tasted in different places, brings them back to her home in Nashville, and in her kitchen turns them into these wonderful Southern dishes."

    Al also commented on the recent news of fellow anchor Savannah Guthrie's wedding an

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  • Five years ago, makeup artist Kandee Johnson made a video on how to look like Kim Kardashian. Now, more than 400 videos and nearly 2 million subscribers later, Kandee is a YouTube celebrity. Her wildly creative makeup tutorials show viewers the secrets to looking like their favorite stars.

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    What's the key to mastering Miley Cyrus's look? "The red lip, and she doesn't have a Cupid's bow," she says, referring to the natural dip in the center of most women's upper lip. "[Her lips go] straight across," Kandee says. "And the big fake lashes."

    Kandee also loves using makeup to transform her face à la Marilyn Monroe. "She had a special trick how she would highlight her eye," she says of the sex symbol's unique way of drawing eyeliner up on an angle instead of straight across the lid. "That gave her her dreamy, bedroom, sexy eyes." Another Marilyn secret? "She contoured in a 'v' on the tip of her nose so it would look less bulbous and more angular."

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  • Most actors have only one role to worry about per series, but not Sam Underwood of "The Following.". The actor plays creepy killer twins Luke and Mark in the series, and he's enjoying every minute of the dark roles.

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    "I'm still in the honeymoon period," Sam says of the double job. "It's such a luxury to be able to play two fascinating and complex individual characters on their own."

    Though Sam has a background in musical theater, he's used to playing darker characters. He also appeared in "Dexter" as serial killer Dexter's protégé Luke, though he only expected the gig to last for one episode. "Originally, I had no idea how long I was going to be in the job for," Sam says, and he had to adapt to the dark drama's scenes. "The second scene I got to do with him was me strapped to a table in cling film, so I had to feel comfortable pretty early on."

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    In "The Following," Sam has the chance to work wi

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  • Still single? According to Bravo's "The Millionaire Matchmaker" host, Patti Stanger, it's for one of two reasons: It's just not you're time yet, or you're doing the same thing over and over again. "There's always one common denominator" in dating issues, Patti says. So stop complaining and start reshaping your dating attitude.

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    Patti shared the four worst things single girls can say when it comes to dating.

    1. I'm too busy. "For every girl that says no, there are going to be five who say yes," Patti says. So make the time for potential love.
    2. I'm too picky. "Better to say, 'I haven't found the one' than to say 'I'm too picky,'" Patti says.
    3. He's just not out there. "There's somebody for everybody, if not two or three," she says.
    4. I’m not dating online. “When you date online, you open up the cabinet of possibilities,” Patti says.

    Is there a time when you should quit the dating game? Surprisingly, Patti says yes. "When you

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  • Busy Philipps plays the fun-loving Laurie Keller on the TBS show "Cougar Town," but offscreen, her main role is being a mom. The actress has two daughters, 5-year-old Birdie and 8-month-old Cricket, with husband, Marc Silverstein.

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    Where did the unusual names come from? "Lady Bird Johnson was the inspiration behind Birdie's name," Busy says. As for Cricket, nearly a week went by before Busy finally settled on the name, which was her husband's suggestion. "I was just calling her 'Baby,'" she says. "The hospital called me and said, 'You have to name your baby!' So I named her Cricket Pearl."

    As a mom in the spotlight, Busy is a passionate supporter of the No Kids Policy, a celebrity movement to prevent paparazzi from seeking out and photographing their children. "There are no laws protecting anybody from paparazzi," Busy says. "It's really traumatizing to these kids." Busy recalled a time when she sent her kids to summer camp, only

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