• Supermodel Anne Vyalitsyna has been walking the fashion runway since she was 15, and now she's mentoring aspiring models as one of the hosts of Oxygen network's "The Face." For Anne, it's a chance to give young women the support that she never had.

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    The model, who's known for her 10 consecutive appearances in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, moved to New York City to pursue a fashion career when she was a young teen. She had to find her way in the industry alone. "It's hard when you start modeling," she says. "I've never had a mentor in my life."

    Her biggest struggles were dealing with her body changes and adjusting her eating habits. "I went from being really skinny and kind of eating everything to losing a lot of jobs," Anne says about her metabolism change. "I just didn't know how to handle it. ... I didn't really have anyone ... to hold my hand and be, like, 'It's going to be OK.'"

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  • Have you ever wished you could control your dreams? Dylan Tuccillo and Jared Zeizel are the authors of "A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming," and they say anyone can do it.

    "Lucid dreaming is just a dream in which you realize that you're dreaming," Jared explains. "It's a way to sort of steer your dreams in the direction you want," Dylan adds. "Witness them like you're witnessing this waking life."

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    So how do we do it? If there's something you would like to dream about (the guys say the most popular lucid dreams are about flying and sex), practice "dream incubation." When you're falling asleep, keep the image in your mind and say, "I will go back" to this dream, Dylan advises.

    It's also possible to practice remembering your dream after it occurs. "Wake up slowly and motionlessly," Jared explains. "Think about what the experience was like, and then when you do get up, quickly grab a dream journal and start writing down anything you remember, even if it's just

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  • Rosie Perez is known for her great roles in "Do the Right Thing," "Fearless," "White Men Can't Jump," and "Pineapple Express." Now, she's also an author, sharing stories from her childhood and early career in her new memoir, "Handbook for an Unpredictable Life."

    Both Rosie and Ali spent years working on the Fox sketch comedy series "In Living Color" — Ali as a cast member and Rosie as the choreographer of the show's dance troupe, the Fly Girls. During their mini-reunion, they both had hilarious memories to share.

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    Rosie remembered one peculiar moment after hours when she went upstairs at the studio to get a snack. "Jim Carrey was there on a pogo stick." Rosie recalled, "I was like, 'What the hell are you doing?' He said, 'This is how I get ideas!'"

    Another one of Rosie's favorite memories happened before Heavy D & the Boyz made a guest appearance on the show. "His dancers had a beef with one of the Fly Girls, and they had a fistfight in the parki

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  • Are proper manners a lost art? With cell phones hanging out at dinner tables around the country, you might say so. That's why Anna Post — the great, great granddaughter of the legendary etiquette author Emily Post — came by to share some modern-day etiquette tips for our tech-obsessed world.

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    When it comes to weddings, don't post too frequently on social media. Not only will you annoy your friends and followers, but you could also give someone the wrong idea. "You want to keep wedding talk to a real minimum, and make sure none of your wedding talk could be heard as an invitation to the wedding," Anna says.

    And absolutely no tweeting the day of the event. "Who are you tweeting?" She asks. "All of the people who weren't invited?"

    If you're getting annoyed with a friend who just won't put a phone down at the dinner table, there are two ways to tackle the tech rudeness. "Just stop talking," Anna recommends. "As soon as you stop talking, th

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  • On ABC Family's "Twisted," Avan Jogia plays a 16-year-old alleged sociopath who has spent five years in juvenile detention for the murder of his aunt. Despite the heaviness of the show's storyline, Avan says the set between takes couldn't be more fun.

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    "When we're not shooting we're just making jokes," he says. "Drama is very funny. When you're doing drama, it's all very intense, and then it's 'cut' and it's nothing but jokes for 20 minutes."

    When they're not joking around, the young stars have certain routines in between takes. Kylie Bunbury, who plays Lacey Porter, "always has red vines," Avan says. "I’m drinking tea constantly."

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    When Avan isn't shooting, he spends time working with Straight But Not Narrow, an organization he co-founded that teaches young adults how to be allies for their LGBTQ peers. "It boils down to human empathy," Avan says of the organization, which attracts celebri

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