Daily Shot's 'Going Out of Business' Sale

Tupperware saleswoman extraordinaire Aunt Barbara was one of Daily Shot's very first guests. In this nostalgic episode, we've asked her back to help us say goodbye and pay a special tribute to the best canceled shows of all time.

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Which Tupperware would she use to pay respect to "The Facts of Life"? "Those poor girls, right before they canceled the show, they were tortured in the media because they all gained weight," Aunt Barbara says. "That makes me think of the Tupperware salad-to-go set, because if they had taken a salad to-go every day, they might never have gotten pink slips."

For "Baywatch," Aunt Barbara recommends the Tupperware Forget Me Not containers. "You get two boobs and a box for $19," she says. "Where you gonna find two boobs and a box for $19?"

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How would she pay tribute to "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno"? "You're gonna stick your big banana in the Tupperware big banana keeper," she says.

For "Beverly Hills, 90210," Aunt Barbara recommends the Tupperware corkscrew wine opener, because all of the show's actors, despite playing high schoolers, were old enough to drink anyway. "[The cork] is riding up faster than their prom dresses!" she says.

To find out what special Tupperware item Aunt Barbara would use to pay tribute to "Daily Shot," check out this episode.