Final Shot: Our Favorite Moments

It's never easy to say goodbye, and over the past year at "Daily Shot," we've had a blast bringing you hilarious interviews and only the best questionable life advice. But before we start crying into our cereal, sleeping until 2 p.m., and blowing our savings in Atlantic City in a fit of Wentworth withdrawal, we at "Daily Shot" want to say thanks.

Whether Ali was sitting across the table from A-list celebrities, famous cats, or Tupperware-selling drag queens, we've always tried to bring a little laughter to your day … with only the occasional herpes joke. On camera and off, we've probably had too much fun, like that time in the office when Ali burst into a VP meeting … topless. We are so blessed.

We hope you enjoy a little compilation of some of our favorite moments over this past season. Be sure to watch until the end for a special surprise.

Thanks for watching, thanks for sharing, and thanks for laughing with us. That was your "Daily Shot"!

Love always,
The "Daily Shot" Team