Jackson Galaxy: The Biggest Misconception About Cats

Is your cat driving you crazy? Might be time to call in an expert. Jackson Galaxy is an animal behaviorist on the Animal Planet show "My Cat from Hell" who helps cats get along better with their humans.

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Pet owners turn to Jackson when their cats are particularly aggressive or prone to bad behavior — whether it's scratching strangers, peeing in the toaster, or a hundred other issues. How does he help to solve the problem? First, by finding their "challenge line."

"I'm trying to find the place where they go from comfort to challenge," Jackson says. Then, he begins to repair the cat-human relationship through training.

What's the most common behavioral problem that Jackson sees among his clients' pets? Either hissing or peeing on the carpet, but if an owner is committed to keeping a cat, Jackson will be there to help.

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While there are many misconceptions about our feline friends, Jackson says there's one thing in particular that people get wrong. "I think that cats have a bad rep for being solitary," Jackson says, explaining that many people think cats don't crave social interaction, as dogs do. "That's crazy," he says. "The only thing that cats do on their own is hunt!"

To hear Jackson's tips for finding a cat that works with your personality, check out this episode of "Daily Shot."