How to Avoid the Worst Wardrobe Malfunction

by Elizabeth Siegel

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So there are fashion mishaps. And then, there is the catastrophe known as....camel toe. Nobody wants it. But who knows how to actually prevent it, like 100 percent make sure that it never, ever happens to you? I spoke to a really major stylist--Anita Patrickson, who's worked with Emma Watson, Julianne Hough, Emmy Rossum, and Rachel Bilson--to get the real deal. And--love her--she had amazing tricks.

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Be wary of high-wasted pants. "Because they sit on your tummy, a lot of women get self-conscious that they're cutting into them and making them look fat," says Patrickson. "They pull up and up without realizing what's going on down there, and everything gets in a twist." Keep your hands off low-cut jeans, too. They're another thing women absentmindedly fidget with, and "yanking them up puts you in the danger zone," says Patrickson.

And jumpsuits, especially silk ones. "You lift your arm an inch, they ride up," and suddenly it's, Hel-lo!

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Know when to ditch the spandex. Leggings are not a substitute for pants, and yoga pants thin over time. Hold yours up, stretch them a touch, and if you can see light through them, it's time for them to go. Or put your hand under the fabric-if you can see your hand, you're in trouble.

Buy your size. Even if they look cute on your butt, pants and shorts that are too tight in the crotch are going nowhere good--and if they're a thick fabric, like cotton, you won't be able to wiggle free so easily.

Consider this your fashion PSA for the day.

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