10 Natural & Earthy Decorating Ideas

Touches of nature reign supreme in this unique Mother Earth-inspired décor.

No ironing requiredNo ironing required
Fresh centerpiece
When cut to the length of your dining table, a piece of weathered barn wood can function as a runner (no ironing required). Use the plank as a stage for seasonal produce, such as plums, pears, apples, figs, and pattypan squash. Weave crabapple branches throughout for added texture, and stagger candles nestled in pebble-filled votive holders for ambience.
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An instant touch of the outdoorsAn instant touch of the outdoors
Indoor garden
Decorative terrariums bring an instant touch of the outdoors into your home.
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Reclaimed shipping palletReclaimed shipping pallet
Succulent table
Who would think that an abandoned shipping pallet could be transformed into living, functional furniture? A tabletop was constructed from its boards, coated with natural wax resin, and got a living table runner consisting of a sunken, succulent-filled box. We can't think of a better addition to an eat-in garden.

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Foraged forest treasuresForaged forest treasures
Woodsy wreath
Using natural materials with contrasting textures creates interest. In this surprising wreath, antlers, pheasant and quail feathers, dried berries, and twigs are the ultimate foraged forest treasures.
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A coastal organic lookA coastal organic look
Coastal chic

Vintage glass bottles are like treasures that washed ashore. Paired with seashells, they help create a coastal organic look inspired by Southern California's natural and simple beach lifestyle.

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More than a place to mix a drinkMore than a place to mix a drink
Nature-inspired bar
A bar is more than a place to mix a drink--it's a decorating opportunity. Freshen it up by repurposing empty bottles as vases for vibrant cuttings, such as amaranth (near right) and variegated barberry. Wooden pedestals resembling tree stumps create different levels of display within the bar, and a lamp shows off the scene in the evening.

Surf and turfSurf and turf
Driftwood arrangement

You love both land and sea, so why choose only one? Use a piece of found driftwood as a rustic backdrop to moss, small evergreens, and succulents.

An unusual arrangementAn unusual arrangement
Harvest tableau
Celebrate the harvest season with an unusual pumpkin arrangement. Miniature striped green-and-yellow pumpkins join a trio of copper vases and a casual arrangement of red, orange, and yellow flowers. It's all about fall color--without a maple leaf or corncob in sight.

Use reclaimed or sustainable wood Use reclaimed or sustainable wood
Eco-friendly bed
A reclaimed or sustainable wood bedframe not only greens your bedroom, but also gives it some woodsy style.
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Displayed like rare specimensDisplayed like rare specimens
Fancy florals
Violet anemone and hyacinth blooms, seeded eucalyptus, and green berries are displayed like rare specimens in bell jars and catch the light streaming in from a window.