Smell Check: Are You Buying the Right Deodorant?

No matter how relaxed your approach to personal grooming, odor control is one place you don't want to cut corners. Swipe smart with our guide to the three main deodorizing products -- and why they work (or don't).

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Masks the smell of sweat. Ingredients like triclosan control the underarm bacteria that cause BO.


Contains aluminum salt, which keeps sweat glands from perspiring. "All antiperspirants are deodorants, but simple deodorants aren't antiperspirants," says Susan Biehle-Hulette, Secret's senior scientist.

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Clinical-Strength Formulas

Serious sweat issues used to call for a prescription. Not anymore. "These deliver prescription-strength odor and wetness protection," says Douglas C. Tomczak, deodorant research and development manager at Unilever.


Injections of botulinum toxin A -- which disables the armpits' sweat glands -- have been approved by the FDA to treat severe underarm sweating.

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