Crazy expensive! Makeup that will break your bank

Some brands claim their products will make you look like a million bucks, but you might spend about that much in the process.


Team Cruz shows you how you can make your lit…

  • Lab rats reacted to Oreo cookies in much the same way the reacted to cocaine, found a study by Connecticut College researchers. The scientists found that Oreos actually excite the brain's "pleasure center" even more than cocaine!

    The research study was investigating a connection between the marketing of high-fat, high-sugar foods and the rate of obesity in low-income neighborhoods. Finding a possibility for addiction to everyone's favorite cookie was not in their plan.

    So, does this mean eating too many Oreos will send you to cookie rehab? Check out Desi Sanchez below for more info on possible cookie monsters.

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  • Mexican sugar skull for Dia De Los Muertos.

    Chef Maggie Jimenez has made a living out of Mexican food. She's hosted cooking shows and contributed recipes to magazines. Born and raised in Mexico, she holds her heritage high. But her half-Mexican daughters are growing up in the U.S., and Maggie seeks to instill pride for their heritage in them.

    Married to an American man for 17 years, Maggie found ways to balance the presence of her and her husband's cultures in their girls' lives.

    "In my case, it's also the Catholic-Protestant lifestyle," Maggie says. "One Sunday it would be at [my husband's] church, one Sunday with me."

    The chef is currently working with instant-coffee brand Nescafe, which released a survey stating that 70 percent of Latino parents in the U.S. feel guilty about their children not being exposed to as much Latin heritage as they were. Maggie finds the way to remedy this is to tell them stories, and interlace them with food.

    Now divorced, her daughters celebrate Thanksgiving at their father's house, and spend other hol

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  • By Maria Murriel

    Sandra Bullock got the beats.

    During a harmless web hunt for mid-day cheer, I found gossip blog Jezebel's post of a video in which eternal sweetheart Sandra Bullock gets down to some Sugarhill Gang beats. That's right: Miss Congeniality spits the words to "Rapper's Delight" perfectly in this clip, and it's really all you need to see or hear today.

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  • This homemade lip scrub only requires three everyday ingredients.

    Learn how to prepare your very own natural lip scrub with everyday ingredients found at home.

    By Charleen Gonzalez for Shine Latina

    Many cities are still feeling the bitter cold of winter, which means dealing with harsh elements that pose some beauty issues, chapped lips in particular. You can keep your pout soft and moisturized by creating a very simple and natural lip scrub at home.

    All you need are three basic ingredients, all of which are probably staples in your pantry already. Sugar exfoliates, while honey and olive oil add moisture. In fact, you can make this recipe year round as a weekly pick-me-up for your lips. And as an added bonus, no need to step out into the snow to buy it from a store!

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  • In their weekly series, the Cruz family shows you how to make fitness fun and inclusive even for the littlest kids.

    This episode features a cardio workout and a treat: Trainer Armando's green veggie mojito. Watch on for the recipe!

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