Crazy expensive! Makeup that will break your bank

Some brands claim their products will make you look like a million bucks, but you might spend about that much in the process.


Team Cruz shows you how you can make your lit…

  • By Liliana Moyano for Shine Latina

    Fruit Parfait

    Anywhere you look in Colombia, you find someone selling mango, papaya, pineapple or a full fruit salad with table cream and queso. I am a fruit lover, so I generally stop at every corner tasting the different concoctions. In addition to the naturally sweet parfaits, I enjoy the experience of meeting the amazing people who sell these eats on the street, many of whom remember me from my annual visits to their stands.

    With Valentine's Day coming up, I wanted to take this creamy, street delicacy, and turn it into a sensual Valentine's morning dish to enjoy in bed with your honey. I chopped pineapple and strawberries into very fine pieces and served them in a champagne glass for some added glamour. It's a creamy, playful dessert topped with rich condensed milk and crunchy almonds. Perfect for sharing in bed while wearing that lingerie you have picked out!

    strawberries and pineapple

    (2 servings)
    3 tbsp. table cream (can be substituted for heavy cream or vanilla yogurt

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  • Learn how to give your skin a flawless finish using the right products and these basic techniques.

    A perfectly finished face

    By Charleen Gonzalez for Shine Latina

    Not everyone wakes up looking like a million bucks, but you can definitely look the part with the right makeup techniques. It's actually really simple to create an impeccable canvas for your face. All you need is moisturizer, primer, concealer, foundation and powder. From deep under-eye circles to hyper pigmentation, we literally have got you covered! Also, for Latinas that tend to get oily skin, I have a moisturizer that will take away that shine. Now, these steps are easy enough for everyday, but for those who don't tend to wear a lot of makeup, feel free to keep these techniques at hand for your next special occasion.

    Step 1: Moisturizer

    Even if you have oily skin, you need to moisturize your skin every day. In fact, if you don't moisturize, your glands will over-produce oil. I like using Shiseido's PURENESS Matifying Moisturizer Oil Free for e

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  • A modern look at Abuela's dating advice

    Some of those old-fashioned dating ideas may actually be more sound than you think. Here's a look at those rules that make more sense today than ever.

    Boy meets girl. They exchange numbers. Boy doesn't call. Three days later girl calls boy-"How ya doin'?" They go out,and spend the night together. Boy leaves next morning. Girl never hears from him again.

    While many would say with a sigh of resignation that this is just the way relationships are these days, I've been wondering how much of Abuela's old dating ideas are relevant today. And no, I'm not talking about going back to chaperonas, or avoiding kissing until you get married. I'm talking about taking a page from previous generations to learn about grasping the deep, enduring love we yearn for.

    Treat yourself right with a DIY spa treatment at home

    There's an old Spanish refrán that says "En el amor, el hombre caza y la mujer pesca" (or "In love, men hunt and women fish"), and I think that this funny saying summarizes all I heard f

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  • By Liliana Moyano for Shine Latina

    Arroz con leche

    Arroz con leche

    Abuela used to sing a children's song called Arroz con Leche as she cooked desserts, pastries and her famous rice pudding. The smell of the sweet treat invaded the entire house making it almost impossible not to ask for a sample. And once the pudding was fully cooked, we still had to wait a few hours until it cooled down in the fridge. Finally, we were allowed to try the anticipated dessert after dinner…and it never lasted through the night.

    I always thought it was very difficult to make arroz con leche, until I conquered it with my sister Marcela a few weeks ago. There's no way of messing this one up!


    Pouring the milk

    Pouring the milk

    (6 servings)
    1 cup rice
    ¾ cup water
    1 cup milk
    ½ cup condensed milk
    1 cinnamon stick
    ½ cup half & half
    ½ cup raisins

    Indulge in this dish after succulent pork chops with cilantro tzatziki

    Creamy and sweet

    Place the rice in a pot set at low heat. Add the water, and let the rice cook for about 30 minutes or until the water has evap

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  • A product that stimulates cell-regeneration, a lip balm with the power of a lipstick and nail art delivered right to your door. Check out these exciting new launches for makeup and beauty in 2013!

    By Charleen Gonzalez for Shine Latina

    New Beauty Releases

    A ton of new beauty products are launching this year, and I'm especially excited for spring makeup collections. This year nail art will be as popular as ever, and there's a new product to help you create easy DIY nail art that gets delivered straight to your door! Also hot this year are neutral eye shadows, and products like Benefit's World Famous Neutrals take the guesswork out of your morning routine. This year, keep the resolution to get even and brighter looking skin. I'll take a look at Alba Bontanica's line of skin products that help you do just that. New releases from Urban Decay, Stila and Hourglass round out my top picks for 2013.

    Monthly nail art service

    You may have heard of beauty subscription services that send out monthly picks for you t

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