Crazy expensive! Makeup that will break your bank

Some brands claim their products will make you look like a million bucks, but you might spend about that much in the process.


Team Cruz shows you how you can make your lit…

  • A friendly recipe exchange brings to light a long-held secret among Latinos. When it comes to food, the same language can have different meanings.

    Puerto Rican rice and beans

    My mom was excited. Her first Latina friend in the states was coming over to have coffee and chat. Netty and Mami had lots in common: four kids, a love for cooking and the same language-or so they thought. When my Boricua mom and her new Colombian friend sat to sip café con leche and exchange recipes, they quickly realized that even though they were both native Spanish speakers, the other lady might as well be speaking Chinese when it came to talking about food! It got even funnier when they started using a dictionary to bridge the gap between their own, unique versions of Spanish.

    The fact is that even though Español is the mother language of all Latin Americans (with the exception of Brazil), the words used for some of the most common items- especially food-can change drastically from one country to another, leaving many Latinos shaking t

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  • Great drugstore finds for improving the appearance of your skin at under $10.

    By Charleen Gonzalez for Shine Latina

    Best facial products for under $10

    Sometimes your face just needs a pick-me-up, that clean and supple feel you get after a facial. Well, I have the products that will do just that without breaking the bank.

    Finding the right face wash is key, and there are a few extras, like facial masks, that can go a long way to enhancing the appearance of your skin. Even habits as important as washing your face in the morning and at night will help clean the pores and revive your skin. Also, for those prone to get acne, products with salicylic acid will reduce the appearance of blemishes, and keep them from reappearing.

    Makeup removing wipes

    These are a must-have product for me and an important one to have at hand, especially when you don't feel like taking your makeup off! Wipes are a great aid to keep you from neglecting this essential, daily task.You can use them whenever your skin needs a quick cleanse, as well.

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  • By Liliana Moyano for Shine Latina


    Soups and stews are popular dishes in my family. Growing up, my parents had lunch gatherings at our finca (or farm) on weekends, and the entire family would come over for some delicious ajiaco, a traditional Colombian soup. My family made the soup in a large, clay pot, and cooked it slowly over firewood for four to six hours while everyone sipped wine, savored appetizers and listened to romantic music playing in the distance. By the time lunch was ready, it was already dinnertime. But that didn't matter, because everyone would gather at dusk to enjoy a steaming bowl of ajiaco around the fireplace.

    The key ingredient to the traditional ajiaco is a small potato called papa criolla, often found frozen in Latin supermarkets. While the soup cooks, the potato dissolves creating the desired creamy texture. Typically, we serve it with capers, and top it with a little bit of heavy cream for richness.


    Ajiaco ingredients

    Ajiaco ingredients

    (20 servings)
    16 cups water
    6 chick

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  • From which side a pregnant mom should sleep on to foods to avoid, Shine Latina spoke with Isidra Mencos, Editorial Director of Baby Center en Español, to get the best tips for mothers-to-be.

    Kim Kardashian

    This is an emotional time, full of both excitement and anxiety, especially for new moms. "It's a new experience. [New moms] want to know everything," says Isidra Mencos, who also sees this as the time when mothers are the most engaged in finding out every bit of information about the new baby. From the onset of fatigue and morning sickness, to the happiness and excitement of the new pregnancy, mothers have a lot to take in during this fragile time of their term, according to the pregnancy expert. This is also the time to rest as much as possible, and get prenatal care early on, especially if there's a history of diabetes in the family.

    Early pregnancy advice: Keep an eye on food and drink
    Here's some of Mencos' best advice for moms-to-be when it comes to what to consume during the

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  • Latin YouTube personality Alba Mayo teaches us how to create a manicure look inspired by the film "Warm Bodies", a comedic look at the fantasy films viewers are currently obsessing over.

    Zombie-glam nails

    Inspired by the upcoming, lighthearted movie "Warm Bodies", about a zombie who finds love, Alba Mayo has dedicated her latest video tutorial to creating a glamorous nail design that's actually quite easy to create. All you'll need is your favorite polish in shades of red and gray, as well as silver glitter and some clear tape. Follow her instructions below, and voilà, you'll have nails to die for.

    Fashion trends we expect to see in 2013

    Check out Mayo's step-by-step tutorial on how to get "zombie" nails:

    1. With a piece of tape, cover half of each nail diagonally.
    2. Apply at least three coats of red polish to the uncovered half of the nail. Using a more opaque or matte shade will work great with this design.
    3. After removing the tape, apply three coats of gray nail polish to the other half.
    4. F

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