The 5 Most Shocking Moments from the Bachelorette Finale

Lauren Frankfort
The BaceloretteThe BaceloretteWell, ladies, the final rose has been dealt, but not without a proper dose of Bachelorette-style drama. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

When left with the choice between former professional baseball player Josh Murray (who, also happens to be from Atlanta) and sensitive sales exec Nick Viall from Chicago, Andi Dorfman chose the former to much of the audience's surprise (and, to be frank, ours). Doubting Josh the entire season and consistently rewarding Nick with roses, all signs pointed to their passionate affair as the triumphant one. But, as Andi revealed in the finale, she was madly in love with Josh the whole time.

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That wasn't the only twist we witnessed during last night's three hour-long Bachelorette bonanza. So, in honor of this season's end, here are the five most shocking moments from last night's finale.

Nick gets sent home pre-final rose ceremony.
Andi gave Nick the boot before he could even pick out a ring. Prior to arriving at his hotel room, the Bachelorette divulges that she woke up that morning knowing who she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, and she respected the other man enough to send him home before he got down on one knee.

Nick's reaction to getting sent home.
Nick has a tendency to get salty when things don't go his way. This breakup was no exception. Although Andi was clearly emotional, he couldn't accept the fact that she wasn't in love with him. Even when she was doing exactly what he asked her to: The the night before he told her he didn't want to propose if she didn't reciprocate the same feelings.

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Josh's very-long proposal and Andi's reaction. If one thing has been made clear about this adorable goofball the entire season, it's that he's obsessed with Andi. And Andi, to our bewilderment, replied that she was madly in love with him since the moment she saw him at the first rose ceremony. The joy they both felt was pretty cute.

Nick's low blow.
After trying to meet up with the Bachelorette several times once the finale wrapped, Nick finally got to see Andi again during the After the Final Rose special. Yet rather than speaking his peace and moving on, Nick asked Andi why she "made love to him," if she wasn't indeed in love with him. As Andi retorts, this was the lowest blow possible. Telling the world you slept together on national TV? Not to mention, what happens in the fantasy suite stays in the fantasy suite - everyone knows that.

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Josh is already trying to have babies with Andi? Once the two lovebirds joined each other on stage, their chemistry was palpable. Andi and Josh even revealed that they've been sneaking to each other's homes in Atlanta in disguise because they couldn't stay separated.

And while Andi says she's going to wait a little while to plan their wedding, Josh says he wants get married sooner than later, and, even joked that he's trying to make a baby with Andi. While that may or may not be true, we're excited what's to come for these lovebirds!

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