A Florida Woman May Be Forced to Have C-Section Against Her Will

By Andrea Fowler, REDBOOK.

Jennifer Goodall is 41 weeks pregnant, and after delivering her first three children via cesarean section, would like to proceed with a vaginal birth for her fourth baby. However, a Florida hospital has threatened to report her to the Department of Children and Family Services and perform a c-section on her without consent if she is admitted there.

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A press release from the National Advocated for Pregnant Women (NAPW) explains that on July 10, Goodall received a letter from the chief financial officer of Bayfront Health Port Charlotte stating these facts.

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"My decision to allow labor to proceed before consenting to a surgical intervention is based on years of research, careful consideration of the risks to me and my baby, and my family's needs," Goodall says in a statement shared by NAPW. "All I want is to be able to go to the hospital when I'm in labor and have my medical decisions respected--and my decision is to proceed with a trial of labor and not have cesarean surgery unless some medical complication arises that makes cesarean surgery necessary for my or my baby's health. [I would] definitely consent to surgery if there were any indication during labor that it is necessary. I am trying to make the decision that will be safest for both me and my baby, and give me the greatest chance at being able to heal quickly after my child is born so I can care for my newborn and my three other children."

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Makes sense, no?

The NAPW filed a complaint in federal court on behalf of Goodall, but the request was denied. Without a clear plan of action,

Goodall reportedly told her lawyers she is "terrified" to enter a hospital.

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