Six-Year-Old Girl Cuts Off Her Rapunzel Hair for Charity

By Kelley Rowland

Like many people with long, luscious hair, 6-year-old Charlie Tillotson from England vowed never to cut her locks-which were all the way down her back. But after she watched a documentary on children with cancer, she decided her tresses could be more useful to other children. Photo by Getty Images

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Charlie went up to her father, Steve Tillotson, and asked, "Daddy, would you mind if I had all my hair cut off for children with cancer?" She proceeded to have it cut by a family friend, as fans and family gathered around in support. Charlie had nearly two feet cut that will go to make wigs-that usually cost anywhere from $800 to $5,000-for The Little Princess Trust.

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Charlie's charitable decision moved her father so much that he started a JustGiving page to raise money for Children with Cancer UK. He's already raised over $2,000.

Charlie personifies how important it is to care for others in need. To donate to the fund on her behalf, click here.

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