VIDEO: Crazy Expensive! Makeup that Will Break Your Bank

It's nice to have the top of the line. But is spending thousands on makeup worth the price?Some brands claim their products will make you look like a million bucks, but you might spend about that much in the process. Some products, I feel, are worth the splurge -- like good mascara and foundation -- but you'll have to be the judge of some of the more-expensive stuff out there.

The average mascara costs about $10, but some of the high-end alternatives can go upward of $70. But that is relatively cheap compared to a face moisturizer that goes for $1,900!

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I'm usually willing to spend a little extra money on good mascara. Luxury brands such as Lancome and YSL offer mascara in the $30 range that's so good, it will make your lashes look like falsies. In comparison, Chantecaille Faux Cils Longest Lash Mascara retails for $70. Considering you should throw out mascara every three months for sanitary reasons, buying Chantecaille will run you about $300 per year.

The brand claims its product lengthens and improves the thickness of your lashes over time. This might be worth it to those who have sparse lashes, but I'll stick to my YSL Shocking Mascara.


Foundation is usually the most-expensive item in your makeup collection, but how much are you willing to shell out for a flawless face? The most-expensive foundation I own is ELLIS FAAS Skin Veil Foundation, $65. It's a sleek pen that pumps the foundation through a brush, and it comes with a refill. I love the sheer, dewy coverage it gives my skin and I think it's worth the money.

The most expensive foundation I've seen is La Prairie Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation, $195. It has the added benefit of a matching concealer on top of the packaging, but I still think it's way out of most consumers' price ranges.

What's with all the craze about BB creams?

Eye cream

Anyone that has looked up a good-quality eye cream knows they are not cheap. Even some of the Olay eye creams cost up to $30. But these are still products women are willing to splurge on to rid themselves of pesky fine lines. My favorite eye cream is Shiseido Future Solution LX Eye and Lip Contour Regenerating Cream, $130. This thick, luxurious cream sinks into the skin immediately, moisturizing it and plumping the eye area.

One of the most-expensive eye creams is Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Re-Creation Eye Balm and Night Serum, $450. The Shiseido version works so well, and for a fraction of the price, that you can definitely pass on Estee.


There are so many good lipstick brands at the drugstore, splurging on a high-end lipstick seems kind of unnecessary. I still like to roll out a fancy one for special events, so I have my YSL Rouge Volupte, $34.

But the holy grail of lipstick for me has to be the ByTerry Rouge Terrybly lipstick line, $49 each. Although they're are a bit on the pricey side, they have the best color and are the longest-lasting I have tried. Still, I will reach for my Revlon lipsticks for most days, and keep the high-end stuff on display on my vanity.

Face serum and moisturizer

Normally, I stick to drugstore brands for facial creams because there are some fabulous options. But the ByTerry Cellularose Brightening Serum, $117. I love using it under my makeup to get an instant, illuminating pick-me-up for my skin.

Now, for the ultimate splurge, check out La Mer Crème de la Mer, which will cost you a whopping $1,900 for the largest size. Jennifer Lopez swears by La Mer, and for that kind of money, I better look like J. Lo!

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