Best Summer Ice Pops
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Learn how to use fresh, whole fruit to take homemade ice pops to the next level.

  • Summer is upon us and that means Americans are getting their grill on. We asked Kevin Kolman, Weber's grilling expert (and a man who has 30 grills in his backyard), how to get your grill in tip-top shape for the busy summer season.

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    Do I Really Need to Clean My Grill?

    How important is cleaning that grill? Well, if you don't, "you'll have more schmutz, and that will mean you won't get the same performance," says Kolman. He explains that a cleaner grill makes for better airflow. When the grill is grimy, energy is absorbed into the debris.

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    What You Need:

    Rubber gloves
    Clean rags
    Terry cloth
    Mild glass cleaner
    Stainless-steel cleaner
    Stainless-steel grill brush
    Paint scraper

    Wear rubber gloves "because of grease and debris inside the grill," advises Kolman. He also says, "It's important to use the right tools so you don't damage your grill." Read on for the whats, whys, and hows of grill

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  • By Ava Feuer, REDBOOK.

    I spend a lot of time looking into claims about the best way to eat--in part because it's my job to cover health, but also because it's very much a personal obsession. I know I'm not alone--trying to look and feel our best is a major focus for loads of American women.

    While it's fascinating to grill experts on why their gluten-free/Paleo/whole-foods diets reign supreme, I'm a skeptic. That's why I found myself so interested in Matt Fitzgerald's new book, Diet Cults, which explores how certain ways of eating can create the same cultish tendencies as fanatic religious sects, especially as the "diet wars" move online. "Social media platforms allow everyone to participate in promoting and defending their favorite diet and attacking others," he says. If you've ever wanted a reason to stop blaming yourself for why these doctrines haven't worked for you, Fitzgerald boils it down.

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    "What makes every diet cult part of the same phenomenon

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  • ACP/Chris Colls/

    According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, millions of people don't sleep well each night-not only do they find it difficult to initially fall asleep but stay asleep all night long, too. And when it comes to getting a good night's sleep, you probably focus on what you think will make it super comfy-i.e. luxe linens, a fluffy blanket and your favorite pillow.

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    However, experts say that the one crucial factor you might not pay much attention to could be the most critical-temperature. As in your body temperature and that of your bedroom. Here's why: you'll sleep better-and wake up throughout the night less often-when your body is cool (anywhere from about 65 and 72 degrees). And since a range of factors play a role-from it heating up outside yet not enough to turn up the AC, to still having your wintertime comforter on your bed and not yet transitioning to summer-worthy sleepwear, your body-as well as room-temperature could be way

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  • Want to save on air-conditioning? You can still keep cool when the weather heats up. Stephanie Sisco, associate home editor at Real Simple magazine, talks about the best ways to cool yourself and your home.


    • It's all about the windows. When it comes to cooling the home, start with the windows. "Close your curtains and blinds, ideally with a sun-deflecting white on the window side," Stephanie explains. "That will actually help reduce the amount of heat that passes through your home by up to 45 percent." Another great tip comes from rangers in Death Valley, Calif. "Hang a damp sheet across an open window, so that when the breeze comes in, it will cool you and your entire home," she adds.


    • Air-dry everything. "Machines use so much heat, and during the summer, you just don't want to add that to your house." Stephanie says. Instead, let dishes air-dry after running a wash cycle, and hang your clothes on the line after doing a load of laundry to avoid the excess heat from the dryer.


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  • 10 Simple Ways to Get More Sleep with a Newborn10 Simple Ways to Get More Sleep with a Newborn

    Newborns are pretty much one of the cutest things on the planet, but they sure don't let you get much sleep! Sleep deprivation is probably one of the most challenging parts of new parenthood, simply because it makes all the little challenges feel so much more amplified. A crying newborn seems a lot more overwhelming when you're running on three hours of sleep. That said, this is a relatively short season of life. Even though it may not feel like it in the moment, I promise your baby will sleep eventually, and there are definitely some things you can do to help you get a little more sleep in the mean time. Here are 10 little tips that helped me get more sleep when my daughter was a newborn…and I promise "sleep when the baby sleeps" isn't one of them!

    1. Room in

    Having baby sleep in your room sounds like a surefire plan for disaster and sleeplessness, but during those early weeks/months when you're nursing a ton throughout the night, it can actually be a godsend. We had my daughter in a

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  • Tips for Connecting with Mommies Locally & OnlineTips for Connecting with Mommies Locally & Online

    One of the most helpful things since becoming a mom is connecting with other mommies. I love the fact that my best friend is also now a mom and that we relate so well to each other. We are supportive and encouraging of each other and it helps SO much to have someone to ask random questions to or vent a little when things get tough. Here are a few of my tips on how to cultivate great connections with mommies near and far from you.

    1. Get Your Walk On - Is there a nice mall/outdoor shopping area close to you? Maybe a park or beautiful neighborhood? Find a central place and invite moms you know to meet up with their little ones and go for a walk. This is a great way to connect, get exercise and let the little ones meet each other.

    2. Book Study - Start up a local bible study, book club or gathering for moms in your area. Meet at a central home or coffee shop and take time to have some "you" time and connect weekly/bi-monthly with other mommies. This is a great way to support one another

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