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Learn how to use fresh, whole fruit to take homemade ice pops to the next level.

  • By: Susan Patton for

    Photo Credit: Thinkstock / The BumpThis is the final of the five part guest blog series by Susan Patton, a.k.a. "The Princeton Mom," who found fame (and a recent TIME 100 nomination) from her controversial views on marriage in her book, Marry Smart. While you may not always agree with her, you'll definitely want to hear her (often surprising!) stance on parenting's hottest topics.

    One of the greatest things you can give your children is the gift of self-reliance. It will stand them in good stead their whole lives. When you help your baby learn to self-soothe, you are laying the foundation for a self-sufficient child.

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    Okay, first let's be clear about what sort of crying we're talking about. If a baby is hungry, cold or in pain, they will cry, and they need your attention. Obviously, a tiny infant can't feed himself, reach the pacifier he spit out, or help himself if his little arm somehow gets stuck in his crib. Those kinds of cries are usually

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  • 5 Tips for Transitioning into a Toddler Bed5 Tips for Transitioning into a Toddler Bed

    With a new baby on the way and only two bedrooms and one crib in the house, it will soon be time to do a little reconfiguring in our little people sleeping arrangements.

    Although I can hardly believe that my baby boy is old enough, he will be turning two shortly before our new baby arrives on the scene, which can only mean one thing:

    It's time to say bye-bye to the crib for my little man.

    I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little more than nervous about making the transition, but luckily, we have been through this before and I plan on using a few tricks of the trade to make the transition into the toddler bed as smooth as possible.

    Tips For Transitioning Into A Toddler Bed:

    1) Involve your toddler. When we knew it was time to switch our then two-year-old into a toddler bed before her sister arrived, we made a big deal of involving her in the process. She "helped" her daddy to put the bed together with her toy hammer and some string I let her tie on the sides (I know, I know, it was

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  • Taking your family to the beach? You're probably lugging around a lot more than you need. Barbara Reich, professional organizer and author of "Secrets of an Organized Mom," shares how to put together the perfect beach bag for some fun in the sun.

    WATCH: Sunburn Remedies You Have at Home

    • Choose the right bag. Look for a bag that has long straps, is lightweight and, most importantly, water-resistant. "The best bags have pockets on the outside and the inside, so that you can stick things in in a pinch and pull them out easily," Barbara says.
    • Leave the heavy stuff behind. Barbara's philosophy is "carry only what you need." It might be a habit to bring along your entire purse, but there's no need. "Eliminate your wallet... Bring cash, a credit card, and identification."
    • Repurpose cosmetic bags. Place smaller items such as sunscreen, keys, and phones in cosmetic bags for easy access. "Not only do they contain your things, but they also prevent your cellphone from getting wet or sandy."
    • Keep
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  • What do you tell your child the first time she makes friends with someone who has two mothers?Recently, my daughter and I met another little girl and her mom on our street. It was one of the first truly sunny days of spring, and both little girls were zipping along on the same type of scooter, wearing similar helmets. In no time, they were rolling down the sidewalk together, laughing and chasing each other. It turned out that they were neighbors of ours, which was delightful news as they were clearly hitting it off. Noticing my six-month baby bump, the little girl's mom commented that her wife was also expecting again, and that we were due around the same time. Double score! We exchanged phone numbers, and the girls hugged one another good-bye.

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    After putting my daughter down for her nap, I sat down to work at my desk and it hit me. I was probably going to have to be prepared to explain why her new friend had two moms instead of a mom and a dad. Surprisingly (at least for our very liberal

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  • The Time I Totally Failed As A Mother and Learned the Biggest Lesson of My LifeThe Time I Totally Failed As A Mother and Learned the Biggest Lesson of My Life

    So, I've been feeling a bit, well, overwhelmed lately.

    Just a little too pregnant, a little too tired, and just slightly burnt out.

    I try, but the impatient sighs, the inclination to turn on the T.V. instead of play, the "let's have hot dogs" for dinner gets the best of me. And I know when I get feelings this way, that it's best to have a little break.

    Which is exactly why last weekend, I asked my husband if we could have a little date night away.

    Except things did not exactly go as planned.

    First, Friday night: my husband was too tired after a long week of work, his students reaching that end-of-the-school year frenzy. (Which I can definitely relate to-I'm so looking forward to not getting up and getting kids dressed and ready every day!)

    Then, Saturday night: he had to work on one of his side projects, pulling an all-nighter at the workshop while I fought off several strange bedfellows who somehow sensed their father's absence from the bed and seized the opportunity to sleep with

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  • Photo: ThinkstockOK, so it’s not technically summer yet but Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial start to the season and it feels like the bearable temps might actually, finally be here to stay. I know some of the stuff coming down the parenting pike can be a drag (the ice cream man, sunscreen application, the fact that my six-month-old is definitely going to eat sand) but there are so many other things on the horizon that I’m positively giddy about. Because they make my job as a mother easier. And so in honor of the lazy days, I give you my favorite summer shortcuts:

    1. Dirty kids + hose = bath time.

    2. No one has to do homework—not my first grader and, more importantly, not me. Getting my very-capable-but-very-active son to sit down every night for math facts I barely grasp stopped being enjoyable in October.

    3. Cooking on the grill + eating dinner outside = one less time I have to scrub my kitchen from top to bottom. Also: Rosé (for me, not them). And: s’mores (for me and them).

    4. I loosen the

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