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Learn how to use fresh, whole fruit to take homemade ice pops to the next level.

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    Even the most prepared new parents have been there: Tthe diaper bag is full of everything except… um, the diapers. And you're in the middle of an airport or a shopping mall.

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    Enter WeGoBabies, a new business that wants to bring vending machines full of diapers, wipes, formula, snacks, and toys to public spaces.

    "WeGoBabies provides family solutions to keep your day going smoothly in airports, zoos, museums, theme parks, cruises, and malls," the founders say on their Kickstarter page. "Our mMachines encourage families to enjoy more time at children's venues instead of having to leave because of a missing necessity."

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    Wondering what the convenience of this nearby necessity will cost you? WeGo promises not to take advantage of your desperation.

    "The WeGo pledge is to keep pricing of our items in line with what you

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  • 20 Baby Names You Probably Haven't Heard Before20 Baby Names You Probably Haven't Heard Before

    When it comes to baby names, it can often feel like there's nothing truly new under the sun. Because we're living in the age of technology it feels like it's getting harder and harder to come up with names that are truly unique, since everyone else is scouring for the same ideas. So, if you're looking for a name that's off-the-beaten path or that no one else has probably heard of before you should probably read this list. I scour baby names lists regularly and most of these were new to me. Even if you're skeptical, read on…some of these names just might surprise you!

    1. Marin: (pronounced: mare-in), meaning: "Latin, of the sea." I think this would be a cool and modern take on Marie or Mary - especially if those happen to be family names you'd like to use in an updated way.

    2. Sender: meaning: "English occupational name". This has such a tough guy ring to it and would be great for a little man.

    3. Svea: meaning: "Sweden". Has a cool girl ring to it like Freya, but even more

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  • If you've ever stayed out in the sun a bit too long, you know just how painful, uncomfortable, and downright annoying a sunburn can be. If you're sporting a mild burn, try turning to a remedy you might already have home. Bahar Takhtehchian, editor at large of Shape Magazine, shares some cures for that pesky burn.

    • Aloe: Aloe is the first and obvious choice for sunburn relief. "For years, aloe has been a healing plant," Takhtehchian says. Instead of turning to a bottle of the sticky green stuff, consider the cost-effective choice of keeping an aloe plant at home and get your relief straight from the source. Simply take a leaf, "snap it in half, take that healing juice, and put it all over the sunburn, and it's an awesome way to get fast relief."
    • Moisturizer: We all know moisturizer helps thirsty skin, but take burn relief to the next level by keeping a bottle of lotion in the refrigerator. "It gets that nice, cool sensation and that feels so good to the touch, especially when it's hot
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  • Photo: ThinkstockWhen I was in my 20s working and living in New York City, an older colleague joked that she and her husband sometimes got so overwhelmed by their kids on weekends that instead of declaring TGIF like most people, they would say TGIM: Thank God It's Monday! I remember thinking that was awful and when I had kids I would cherish every second with them, and, more importantly, never, ever prefer work to time with my children. Well it’s now 10 years later and I'm a mother of three (ages six, four and six months) and I get it. I love my family and I love my weekends but I also see the beauty in getting the kids on the bus, dropping them at pre-K, having the sitter show up, and having a few moments to breathe. To take a beat. To think straight. To go to the bathroom alone.

    Of course I don’t feel this way every Monday and there are many more times I’m wishing for another day of fun with the fam. Sometimes the weekends are downright magical. But sometimes Sunday night rolls around and everyone is

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  • If we really care for our working moms (and dads) and the growth and success of a family, then we've got to do a lot more than we're doing now.Sunday might have been a happy Mother's Day for many women, but Monday morning, it was back to business as usual: hardworking American moms getting a fraction of the credit they deserve. In an article discussing "the world's toughest job"-motherhood, Vox points out that our moms have it tough compared to their overseas counterparts due to poor public policy. Only a few states, including California, offer paid maternity leave; however, the federal government offers no assistance. In fact, some American parents have taken to using vacation days for times when they need to care for an ill child, but that strategy only works for some as not every working American is even guaranteed paid vacation time. And in companies that do offer paid paternity leave, the attached stigma tends to be so unsavory, very few men take advantage of it.

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    Writer Ezra Klein explains that the U.S. "is an example of what it looks like

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  • The well-behaved Evie Welsh, with mom Alicia. Photo: Daley WelshA family in Canada got a special surprise while dining out for Mother’s Day brunch on Sunday: a discount on their meal, simply for having a child who didn’t terrorize the dining room. Carino Japanese Bistro in Calgary presented the reward on the bill, which included the itemized line “Well Behaved Kids” and $5 off the $54 total.

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    Reddit user “looseONtheGoose” posted an image of the receipt online, noting, “Out for Mother’s Day brunch today with our one-year-old daughter, when we received our bill.” The post quickly received more than 48,000 upvotes and nearly 3,000 comments, digressing into topics from the state of dining taxes in cities around the world to the menu items at Carino. (In response to a question about the Okonomi Waffles on the bill, for example, the redditor explained, “It had pork belly, a rich brown sauce, a poached egg, cabbage, fish flakes and a sprinkle of magic that made all those ingredients taste amazing

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