Best Summer Ice Pops
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Learn how to use fresh, whole fruit to take homemade ice pops to the next level.

  • 7 Travel Tips We Learned from Baby's First Plane Ride7 Travel Tips We Learned from Baby's First Plane RideThis was a big weekend for Judah: his very first plane ride! We flew from Boston to Baltimore to spend the weekend celebrating Judah's great-great uncle's 85th birthday. My husband and I are both pretty seasoned travelers and we had no idea what to expect when traveling with Judah by plane. Turns out, it wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been, and Judah was a champ about the entire weekend.

    Here are the 7 most important things we learned about flying with baby that we'll be sure to keep in mind for his next flight… hopefully a flight out to Austin, Texas later this spring!

    Up, Up and Away!

    I think my husband and I were way more excited about Judah's first flight than he was. That said, we learned some great lessons about flying with baby.

    1) Pack lightly...

    You don't need to bring every book and toy; just the few key faves to get you through your trip. Essentials like diapers, baby food, and formula can be bought at your destination; there's no need to take up the extra space in

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  • Could a vitamin deficiency in moms be causing cavities in babies?Expectant moms, are you getting enough sun? A recent worrisome piece in the Times indicates that low levels of vitamin D in pregnant women are closely associated with cavities in babies. Vitamin D, because it is often associated with sun exposure, isn't as typical as other vitamins in the sense that it's not considered an essential dietary supplement since it's not often consumed orally. Yet this latest study, albeit with its shortcomings and inconclusiveness, suggests there may be a need for pregnant women especially to begin monitoring--or upping--their intake however they can.

    According to Wikipedia, "a substance is only classified as an essential vitamin when it cannot be synthesized in sufficient quantities by an organism, and must be obtained from its diet;" thus, because mammals can derive vitamin D by normal sun exposure, D remains in a different category. The study's curious findings, nonetheless, ought to raise at least a small flag among expectant women who spend a lot

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  • Warmer weather is on the way, and it's almost time for everyone's favorite summertime treat: watermelon. Deena Shanker is the Healthy Food Editor at BuzzFeed, and she stopped by to share creative ideas for making the most of the versatile fruit.

    WATCH: Popcorn, Three Ways

    Watermelons are coming to be known as "the pumpkins of the summer" for their popularity as a seasonal flavor and for their carvability. From functional creations like a watermelon basket that will hold a fruit salad to fanciful watermelon flowers that can serve as a centerpiece, it's possible to turn a watermelon into an array of shapes.

    To make watermelon even more fun for the kids to eat, try skewering a slice onto a Popsicle stick. "The big problem with watermelon for kids is the stickiness factor, and this treat fixes that," Deena says. Another great idea? Use watermelon as a healthy alternative to ice cream by placing a scoop of the fruit into a traditional ice cream come.

    WATCH: Speed Up Your Family's Morning

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  • I was perusing Facebook the other day and up popped this photo with the caption “Look what I just found in Orion's backpack. I have no words.” It was posted by a friend whose 5-year-old son is in kindergarten. For those of you not familiar with the LMFAO song (or the way little kids spell), it says, “My sister is sexy and she knows it.” I laughed out loud — one of those cringe-y, I’ve-so-been-there but I’m-glad-this-is-not-me laughs. And then I liked it. The comment section lit up with smiley face emojis and “you should frame this!” declarations. My friend’s husband (jokingly) added: “The one I found says, ‘I got pashun in my pants and I ayntt afrayed to show it.’” Clearly, they’re laughing about it, which is exactly what my husband and I would do. But there is an underlying issue here that plagues my family as well: The radio is a minefield of inappropriateness and when you like listening to music (or frequent places where music is played, like, I don’t know, Earth), it can be hard to

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  • Esquire

    By Ryan D'Agostino

    Last week, Esquire published a story I wrote called "The Drugging of the American Boy." The process of reporting and writing the story was, in many ways, completely depressing. As an editor at a men's magazine -- and more to the point, as a former boy -- what I discovered was enraging.

    To an astonishing degree, boys are being diagnosed with ADHD reflexively, absent any meaningful evaluation and, as a result, a lot of them are being put on powerful medications that can seriously mess with their health and development, both physical and mental. The problem of unreliable ADHD diagnoses and overmedication has been acknowledged before, but I came away believing that few people understand just how pervasive the problem is.

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    Few people understand that it's a crisis.

    One true high point of the experience was encountering Howard Glasser, founder of the Center for the Difficult Child in Tucson, Ariz. Glasser created a therapeutic

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  • Why I Won't Be Following This Easter Egg Hunt Trend

    Photo: PinterestIt’s Easter week, which means there’s been lots of chocolate-bunny-themed posts popping up in my Facebook feed. I love hearing how friends went on Cadbury egg benders and seeing the cute Easter bonnet shots (and the hilariously creepy Easter bunny shots). But one post made me do a double take: Color-coded egg hunts. As in, each kid gets assigned a certain color egg and is only allowed to collect those pre-designated eggs. At first the OCD-er in me was drawn to the pretty picture with all the order. The buckets match the eggs! I almost hit "like" but then I realized how much I dislike the idea. The post I read touted it as a way to “keep it all fair.” For real? This is so not for me. Here’s why:

    For one, this level of organization just adds more work and feels like part of the Pinterest, whatever-you're-doing-now-is-not-good-enough campaign to stress me out. Can’t we just scatter a bunch of eggs in the backyard and let the children loose? You have to tell kids who just sat still(ish)

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